Tropical trees and potted plants are some of the most sought-after artificial plants in Europe. Although some can be grown in Europe, tropical trees and plants thrive in tropical conditions. That’s not Europe, evidently. It is perhaps this desire for something different and intriguing compared to what’s normal in our climate as to why tropical plants are so popular.

What Faux Tropical Plants Are there?

There is no restriction on what the best faux tropical plants in Europe are and the selection. A tropical plant that’s artificial does not need to grow. It does not need water, light, climate, or temperature. This opens up the door to a lot of different plants that are not otherwise possible.

Shop large tropical palm trees, for example. Put one in your backyard or in the middle of an entranceway, corner of the bedroom, or have a small tabletop plant on a windowsill. Have whatever tropical plants you like!

There are no limitations. Dream wild. Go big. It’s all on your preferences from an aesthetic standpoint.

Are Tropical Plants Difficult to Take Care Of?

The beauty of a faux tropical tree plant is that it does not require any special maintenance. Incredibly easy to look after, they come with longevity that anyone can appreciate.

They may be impossible to grow in a lot of European climates but fake tropical plants are adaptable to various aesthetics, light conditions, and temperatures.

Rely on an artificial tropical plant for as long as you need to, and save on your time and effort.

In all honesty, the biggest threat to artificial tropical plants is dust. Whether it’s a palm tree or another tropical plant, a microfiber cloth can be used to gently wipe down leaves and remove dust quickly and efficiently.

What Are Faux Tropical Plants Made From?

Cheap faux tropical plants are often made from plastics. They look cheap. They feel cheap. Fortunately, there is a growing collection of more quality-made artificial tropical plants for homeowners to buy.

Faux plants are not made with any organic materials which is, believe it or not, a bonus. You do not have to worry about attracting pests, lack of moisture being an issue, or any sort of plant diseases.

Why Are Faux Tropical Plants So Expensive?

You may be surprised at how expensive some faux tropical trees and plants are. When faux plants are crafted by hand and with premium materials, this comes at an additional cost. It’s worth the expense, however.

The realism you get from these sort of luxury faux plants is the goal for dedicated artificial plant brands like Artiplanto.

Are Artificial Tropical Plants Toxic to Pets?

Another major advantage to artificial plants – tropical or non-tropical – is that they’re not dangerous to pets. They’re non-toxic, made from durable synthetic materials that aren’t poisonous to pets.

Although we don’t recommend chewing on a faux plant, if it happens, poisonous toxic artificial plants don’t exist. At least not from Artiplanto.

Artificial tropical plants are elegant, foreign, and non-natural to the European climate. In decorating a residential or commercial space, they’re a safe way to dress up a room without chance of the plant dying, fading, or becoming damaged. Shop tropical plants, trees, and artificial greenery at Artiplanto.
andrew lu