Discussing the top summer décor trends in 2022, there is a lot to look at. From using metallics to shine to painting an accent wall, Boho chic aesthetic, and bold patterns, home décor this season’s seen a lot of stylistic changes from last year. 


Among the trends are palm trees. Artificial palm trees, in particular, have received a lot of praise from home designers and home décor experts. Totally faux in design, it’s no challenge placing a realistic premium artificial palm tree wherever one pleases. They have a way of really livening up the space they occupy with warm, tropical vibes and feelings that you can’t really get from standard décor.


There are many reasons why palm trees are so popular with people of all ages this summer.


They’re Big


For spaces that are large, empty, and lacking personality, a big fake palm tree plant spreads outward from where it’s put. A palm will instantly turn an area that’s drab or dull into an eye-catching accent.


They Look Real


An artificial palm tree from Artiplanto is real, detailed, and carefully hand-painted. A premium faux plant done right is indistinguishable from the real thing.


Different Sizes


In the faux plant world, you really have the ability to customize what you’re buying. A faux palm from Artiplanto.com is available in various sizes. From near-tabletop artificial plants to palms extending 3 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, and above. This allows you to buy a fake plant online, receiving a precisely-measured décor piece that fits your space.


Mental Health Benefits


We, as human beings, love being around nature. Even if it’s an artificial tree, a palm can have certain mental health benefits. For someone working from home, they may notice it easier to concentrate on work and see their productivity go up. For others, they may have less stress. A palm tree is also used for meditation, creative thinking, and mindful rejuvenation.


They’re Reusable


A real plant will die. A palm can be difficult to manage and keep living for the long-term. An artificial palm tree though lives more or less forever in its current appearance. When not in use, you can put it away in storage and pull it out next summer, or reuse it in any number of ways without limitation.


Adaptable To Different Rooms


There are many artificial plants that can be used indoors or outdoors, or in almost any room. Although palms have a very identifiable look, they will work visually in almost any setting.


They Bring The Outdoors In


Why a lot of people love a naturalistic, wild artificial palm tree is because a plant like this is a representation of nature. You’re bringing a little bit of outside in and it puts nature on the mind more. You do this without risk of bringing in bugs and pests, or diseases that could spread to real plants you have. You also do this knowing that your plant is non-toxic, pet-safe, and doesn’t require you having to set a schedule to water it at a specific time and make sure it has enough sun. It’s so easy.


Add an artificial palm tree to your summer decor and enjoy! Get all of your premium faux plants from Artiplanto.com.

Pedro Capitao de Salles