For the past decade, fiddle leaf plants and fiddle leaf fig trees have been a must-have houseplant. In Europe, there is no artificial plant or real plant that’s chased more in home décor than the fiddle leaf.

There are a lot of reasons why so many love their faux fiddle leaf plants. Perfectly shaped for realism and detail, the beauty of having a faux plant is being able to reshape the stems and leaves to essentially craft your own look. By your hand, bend your fiddle leaf plant to fill its designated space.

What You Need to Know About Fiddle Leaf Plants

Before you buy a fiddle leaf plant online, it’s worth getting to know a bit more about what this plant is.

  • To start a new fiddle leaf plant, a cutting must be taken at the top with 6 inches or longer.
  • A real fiddle leaf can grow and grow and grow some more. The average potted fiddle leaf can extend as high as 10 feet indoors and 50 feet outdoors in the right tropical environment. 
  • A real fiddle leaf is very difficult to take care of. It does not like soil that’s too wet but also can’t survive in overly dry soil. It can get too much sun but it can also get too little. Dry air can kill it, as can drafts.
  • Come winter, you may find your fiddle leaf plant suffering due to the cold temperatures and if you intend to compensate by letting it get more sun, this is a perfect recipe to get it sunburnt.
  • To mimic the tropical rainforest environment the fiddle leaf typically lives in, it’s recommended to get a humidifier.
  • You can buy a tiny tabletop-sized fiddle leaf plant.

To buy a new fiddle leaf houseplant, they’ve grown a lot cheaper in recent years. This hasn’t changed how difficult they are to take care of though.

Why Buy An Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

A fiddle leaf plant is a tropical rainforest plant. As a houseplant in Europe, obviously few of us mimic the conditions of a tropical rainforest which is what makes the fiddle leaf so difficult to maintain as a real plant.

You will never be able to give a real fiddle leaf plant enough humidity. This is not the type of houseplant you want to be real, due to the immense difficulty in keeping it looking lively and happy.

Needless to say, a real fiddle leaf is very finicky. Its leaves can become yellow and begin to lose some tropical luster within days of being bought. You don’t have that same experience with a faux fiddle leaf plant.

An artificial plant does not need to be watered. It does not need tropical conditions in temperature, climate, or humidity. You always have a top-quality fiddle leaf plant when it’s handcrafted artificial.

In addition to this issue, an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree always stays the same size. A massive problem with fiddle leaf plants is that, when they’re happy, they grow and grow and grow. Outgrowing its pot or even outgrowing your home isn’t unheard of with a fiddle leaf. For faux greenery, it always stays the same – in size, in colour, and in presentation.

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