Dressing your home with the right décor elements can make where you live feel more like you. Décor is not often portrayed as essential but to many, it very much is. Décor allows you to express personality. It makes a living area that is otherwise cold feel more in line with your values, your beliefs, and your interests.


Plants are a type of home décor as much as they are a part of nature. Houseplants are used routinely to add vibrancy and life to all sorts of areas, from work-from-home spaces to master bedrooms. A real plant, however, can be tricky. A lot of people end up accidentally killing their real plants and on the journey there, you’re constantly looking at a plant that is wilting and representing something sad.


Fake plants make for better home décor. It just is what it is. Real plants don’t compare. For the advantages that real plants have, they pose all sorts of issues when you’re relying on them to decorate your home, your place of business, or an event. A wilting plant is not the type of presentation you want to have in your home to represent you.


Here are a few important points that have to be made when looking at faux plants v. real plants.


Artificial Plants Look The Same In Perpetuity


Fake plants do not wilt, fade, die, and look ugly for days like real plants can. You can rely on an artificial plant. They come with some consistency in their look that will never fail you. Above all else, that’s a reason to say yes to faux plants.


Artificial Plants Don’t Need Anything


A faux plant does not need to be watered or sun. You can put yours anywhere and have the décor thrive in its aesthetic. If your home does not receive a lot of natural sunlight or you’re someone who is regularly away from home and does not have time for a real plant, an artificial plant succeeds in fulfilling their role.


Real Plants Attract Pests And Diseases


A real plant can bring in bugs and insects. They can catch diseases and die faster than you’d expect. A faux plant does not.


Artificial Plants Are Pet-Safe And Non-Toxic


Some plants are not safe for pets. If a pet bites a leaf and ingests it, they can get very sick. Fortunately, artificial plants are pet-safe, pet-friendly, and non-toxic.


Artificial Plants Look Identical To Real Plants


When you get your plant from the best place to buy artificial plants online at Artiplanto.eu, you will find that what you receive is a highly realistic and detailed plant that’s identical to the real counterpart. 


Choose Any Artificial Plant Aesthetic


There are artificial plants made from all over the world. You can have plants that wouldn’t grow where you live. If you’ve always wanted a specific plant, you can have it when you shop for artificial plants.


We are fans of real plants like anyone else and gardeners ourselves but in home décor, faux greenery is more reliable, easy, and overall better. See what our premium faux plant design teams have come up with and visit Artiplanto.eu today to buy yours.

Pedro Capitao de Salles