A Bird of Paradise makes for an eye-catching silk plant design. Set it in a space and see the ambiance it creates. Bringing green vibes and positive energy, a Bird of Paradise has a way of keeping us calm.

This is all why Bird of Paradise artificial plants are found in malls, hotels, casinos, restaurants, healthcare facilities, amusement parks, corporate buildings, and even homes all across the beautiful continent of Europe.

There are a lot of reasons why faux Bird of Paradise plants are preferred over something natural.

Facts About Bird of Paradise Plants

  • A Bird of Paradise is a tropical plant originally from the wild terrains of South Africa.

  • This plant requires a lot of sunlight so be sure to set it somewhere it’s going to get some sunlight every day.

  • Bird of Paradise plants like to be in moist soil. Between waterings, you can allow it to dry slightly although not completely. A self-watering container isn’t a bad investment for greenery like this.

  • Homeowners love Bird of Paradise as their foliage is very rich, green, and expressive. Unfortunately, as they grow, these leaves can split and droop. They will inevitably require some trimming and getting rid of the older leaves.

  • Comparing banana trees and Bird of Paradise plants, they look awfully similar and are often confused. The primary difference is a Bird of Paradise has an alternative growth pattern in its leaves as opposed to banana plant leaves which are spiral in their aesthetic.

  • When taken care of, a Bird of Paradise plant can keep growing up to 20 feet high. This makes a Bird of Paradise tree very problematic as eventually you will need to accommodate this extreme growth.

  • When you don’t rotate a Bird of Paradise, you may see growth occur unevenly.

  • Being a real Bird of Paradise, you run the risk of the plant wilting and fading as well as exposure to pests. As with faux plants, dust can also be an issue as it covers leaves and makes the plant look less than living.

  • This plant will go into a resting period during the winter when there isn’t a lot of sun to absorb. Throughout this resting period, it is very easy to overwater a Bird of Paradise. Be sure to pay attention to when this happens and to adjust the amount of water you’re providing it.

  • Is A Fake Bird of Paradise Plant Better?

    There’s a certain unpredictability with a Bird of Paradise plant. Like any real plant, it requires assistance to keep it going, growing, and living. A fake Bird of Paradise plant can be just as appealing décor-wise and comes with none of the responsibilities of the real alternative.

    Indistinguishable from the real, an artificial Bird of Paradise is preferable for a lot of young millennials and busy professionals needing some green in their flats and homes. Admire the beauty in person with your very own Bird of Paradise, made from premium materials and fit for any location.

    Shop lovely faux Bird of Paradise plants in Europe in every size at Artiplanto. You don’t ever have to worry about doing damage to the plant because it will never die. It won’t even need a trim. Place it. Shape it. Admire it.

    andrew lu