As our homes have become more hubs for work, living, entertaining, and relaxing, for some people, the balance and harmony in their lives may have understandably been a bit lost. It’s challenging doing all these things in the same space. A modern interior design style in Japan called Japandi is in the market to change that. Here is how you can use Japandi with faux plants to create a more symmetrical, comfortable living space.


What Is Japandi?


Japandi is an interior design style based on prioritizing comfort and symmetry to achieve life balance.


Create More Minimalism


Japandi is based heavily on minimalism under the belief that a minimalist vibe creates zen. By editing what’s around you and removing items to create a higher-quality room, as a by-product, you create more room.


Use Faux Plants Among Your Dinnerware


A major part of your home that should exude calmness is your dining room table. Simplistic dinnerware made from old-world techniques can help with that. A simple dining room table centerpiece made from faux plants and greenery can also aid with a Japandi influence.


Use Understated Home Décor


Japandi advocates for more understated interior design and home décor. Go lean with your décor and try to avoid items that are overly expressive.


Natural Lighting And Earth Tones


Earth tones are very calming. This is why artificial plants produce the same effects from a mental health standpoint as real plants. Add to that natural, elegant lighting that illuminates the room with warm, welcoming lighting. The more you can make a space feel like a natural setting, the less stress that is typically present.


Declutter Your Desk With Practical Solutions


Nothing puts stress on a work-from-home employee more than a cluttered workspace. Eliminate what does not need to be there. Instead, put in practical and minimalist home office solutions. Artificial plants, like real plants, are an excellent home office décor choice, shown to reduce anxiety, increase focus and concentration, improve productivity, and reduce sick days.


Handcrafted, Made By Hand


Try to find décor that’s made by hand or that has a more human element to them. Break up your rooms with items that are shaped and formed by hand. All premium fake plants at are hand-painted and handled carefully by our team, infused with natural detail and style.


Prioritize Form And Function In The Bedroom


The bed is another important place in Japandi home décor style. Emphasize form and function with a simplistic bedframe, a comfortable mattress, and a minimal blanket covering. Avoid a complicated color scheme as well, opting for blankets and pillow covers that are simple in aesthetic.


Opt For More Natural Materials


For more calm, use natural materials to put in the home things like naturally woven fibers, wood, metals, and more. There are lots of planters, baskets, and even faux plants that use natural materials to form portions of their design.


Embrace the world of Japandi style, home décor, and faux plants. Whenever possible, opt for practical, simple, and calming materials, shapes, colours, and décor. A more symmetrical home, balanced with the right décor, will mean more peace for those working and living in this space. Find minimalist premium faux plants at today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles