Buying a fake plant and using it as a houseplant can be as simple as setting it and forgetting it. However, if you really want to keep things looking lively, popping with colour, and realistically detailed, there’s a little more to it than that. Fortunately, it doesn’t involve having a green thumb.


All of it is very low-maintenance and does not require much attention. Every once in a while though, it can be helpful to complete a routine check for dust and consider some reshaping seasonally, among other moves.


If you want to make faux plants look real, here are a few things you will quickly learn when presenting greenery.


Clean Any Dust


The biggest threat to any fake plant is dust. This type of debris will only make it look more artificial.


If you do it regularly, you may be able to get away with using a duster. If you haven’t dusted in some time, you may want to go over each leaf with a microfiber cloth or a slightly damp cloth. This will fully remove the dust and debris, and restore the plant to its highest glory.


Use A Paintbrush


Another way to clean faux plants effectively is to use a paintbrush. Some use a toothbrush as well. Neither should damage your fake plant and will allow you to get into areas that are difficult to clean.


Avoid using anything harsher as you don’t want to tear anything or leave damage behind.


Don’t Use Cleaner


Try to avoid using any sort of chemical cleaners on faux plants. They can permanently damage the greenery.


Instead, use only a little bit of moisture and soap. This should be more than enough to remove stains, get rid of dust and debris, and take off anything else that might be sticking to the leaves, branches, and trunk of your artificial plants or greenery. 


Turn Your Artificial Plants Monthly


Premium faux plants are safe to put in the sun. They have a UV coating for added protection. However, in time, this can degrade. This is why it’s best to turn artificial plants or trees every month. Especially those that are outdoors. Try to rotate them regularly so that any UV-related changes happen evenly.


If there is extreme weather exposure coming, you may also want to bring your artificial plants indoors.


Bonus Tip: Reshape Your Faux Plants Seasonally


You may also want to reshape your plants seasonally. This only has to take a few minutes.


This quick touch-up is not necessarily about care and maintenance but is more about keeping artificial plants looking real. After a while of no change in the shape of a fake plant, it will look repetitive and unoriginal. When you reshape it though, this adds some renewed interest and provides you the chance to make something new from something old.


As you can tell, taking care of artificial plants is very easy and it all starts with a high-quality faux plant. Find yours at Browse dozens of fake plants, including palms, cactus plants, Bird of Paradise plants, olive tree plants, sansevieria plants, and more. Finally have green home décor that looks and feels real. All it takes is a routine check every month or so!

Pedro Capitao de Salles