Your home should be somewhere that’s nurturing to you, your passions, and your spirit. Mood factors into that. A ‘down’ mood isn’t conducive to being productive or living a healthy life. An ‘up’ mood, however, can make things feel more lively, comfortable, and therapeutic. How to accomplish an ‘up’ vibe in a space involves filling it with the right décor, furniture, items, and materials.


Plants can play a role. Plants are pretty. They’re found in a lot of natural surroundings. They’re routinely associated with wellness and cultivate feelings of comfort, healing, focus, life, and productivity. Some people don’t like plants, however, because they have to take care of them, keeping them alive through watering and monitoring. The alternative, of course, is realistically-detailed faux plants, premium-grade and crafted by hand.


But before we jump into artificial plants, let’s go deeper into why a nurturing home is important.


Making Your Home Calm And Relaxing


You only have 1 home. It’s vital that your dwelling is uniquely you and your own personal abode. Imagine your worst day and wanting to come home. You don’t want to come home to a cluttered, chaotic home that lacks clarity and cleanliness.


A calm, relaxing home is organized. It’s comfortable. It is psychologically calming. There’s harmony to a home.


Why Plants Help Instill Relaxation And Calmness


Nature has been shown to improve focus, concentration, and overall productivity, and reduce symptoms of anxiety. For a lot of people, real and artificial plants both improve mood. From houseplants to succulents, the organic flair of a plant connects someone in the room with quiet feelings of nature.


It doesn’t take much. You can decorate with a single floor planter and an artificial tree or a tabletop faux plant. You can take things further and accessorize with plants, flowers, greenery, and more.


Aromatherapy Is Another Way To Accessorize


Aromas can up mood. Aromatherapy in an essential oil diffuser can be a powerful way to calm the brain.


Some popular areas to use aromatherapy include the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and gathering places where you want to set an atmosphere. In a lot of cases, the diffuser is placed next to other décor, such as premium artificial plants, where you get a pleasing visual and also fresh, expressive smells.


Lighting, i.e. Candles, Sunlight, And More


Another element to create a nurturing home setting relates to how you use lighting. Healthy, natural lighting sets the tone, whether that’s romantic lighting with dim lights during the evening or big, bright sunlight coming in on a morning.


Candles are terrific for this. Warm light is often preferred over cold lighting. There are numerous studies supporting the use of light to boost mood, with significant evidence suggesting soothing light can help. When paired with faux plants, light also produces some very interesting textures and shadows that further contribute to making a home feel like it’s a natural, calm environment.


Create your own home space that boosts your mood by representing you and with the right décor, accessories, and choices to support a healthy and positive mood. That’s what we do at

Pedro Capitao de Salles