When you buy a new plant, there’s no telling how long it may live for. Of course, it’s bought with the best of intentions but being a plant parent can be hard and some plants seem destined for inevitable failure. To thrive as a plant parent with artificial plants, it’s much easier. Faux plants aren’t organic, are pest-free and disease-free, and last for decades. Here’s why we think determined individuals wanting to be the best plant parent should opt for fake plants over real.


“They’re Fake. Does That Even Make Me A Plant Parent?”


We hear you. Premium faux plants are not real plants. That said, you can still be a plant parent alive or not. We still think the tag applies. If it looks real and it feels real, it’s pretty much real by anyone’s imagination.


When you buy high-quality artificial plants, trees, and greenery from Artiplanto.eu, that’s exactly what you’re getting. As close to realistic as possible.


Forget About Having A Green Thumb And Taking Care Of Plants


A green thumb is not what’s needed with an artificial plant. It won’t help or hurt, either way.


If you have had varied success or failure after failure with real plants in the past, taking care of a fake plant will be entirely different. You don’t really need to do much. It can be as hands-off an experience as you wish it to be.


What Is A Threat To Artificial Plants? Here’s How To Fix It.


There is only one threat to indoor faux plants. It’s dust. Dust and debris in the air accumulate on the leaves and plants that are realistically designed can end up looking very fake because real greenery doesn’t face the same sort of issues typically.


Be sure to give your plants a look every once in a while and either use compressed air, a microfiber cloth, or something else to carefully wipe them clean and dry.


The Care Plan For Faux Plants Is The Same For Every One


You don’t need to be lazy to kill a real plant. Each plant comes with unique nuances you are expected to remember to keep them alive. For faux plants, the plan is the same for each one. There’s no watering, amount of light, right climate, temperature, or other considerations that you have to make.


You don’t need to know anything about potting or soil, either. All in all, being a plant parent to a premium fake plant so much easier.


Where Can You Put A Faux Plant? Anywhere!


A faux plant does not need any specific light conditions. Your fake plant can be put literally anywhere and have it look its best. Adorn main rooms with artificial plants, put them in your bedroom, or use them even in the darkest areas of your property.


There are all sorts of ways to customize the look of your faux plant, from the planter you choose to decorating the area with lights, wood chips, grasses and moss, rocks and stones, or any other materials you see fit.


This way, you can hack your way into being a good plant parent, so to speak. Enjoy highly realistic, detailed plants that thrive wherever they are put. Be a good plant mom or dad and your plant will never let you down. Get your favourite artificial plants from Artiplanto.eu right now on sale.

Pedro Capitao de Salles