Do you feel it’s time to update your work-from-home office in your flat – us, too!


Let’s do it with artificial plants and other key office décor forming a new background for your work. Here’s everything you need to know about what a home office refresh is and how to do one effectively.


What Is A Home Office Refresh?


A refresh isn’t a renovation and doesn’t have to be anything major in terms of buying new home office furniture. It’s all about optimizing your work-from-home setup. Eliminate anything that doesn’t work or doesn’t bring you focus and joy. Enter in high-quality premium artificial plants and other home office accessories to make your day a little more enjoyable and stimulated.


Why Do A Home Office Refresh?


Not all work-from-home workers are working in the best space. Over time, it’s also easy to get bored with what’s around you and feel less than focused in a home office. A home office refresh reinvigorates a WFH setup, inputting things that will stimulate you and improve concentration, including trendy faux plants and planters.


What Work-From-Home Office Plants Should I Buy?


What artificial plants are best for a home office depends entirely on how much space you have.


For smaller rooms, as most are, you don’t want to bring in any décor that’s extraordinarily large. Zero in on smaller tabletop plants or faux plants that fit on a shelf. These fake plants are easy to fit in without things feeling too cluttered.


For medium-to-large rooms, you have a little more area to play with but you still don’t want to make it a jungle. A metre-high artificial plant you can set in the corner or beside your workstation is all you need. It doesn’t have to be more than that. If you want to combine a corner plant with one or two tabletop faux plants, that may be suitable to some. You won’t want to make it distracting though. A simple work-from-home office setup is the best, in terms of staying on task with work.


Why Are Artificial Plants So Good For A Home Office?


There are lots of reasons to buy a faux plant. A work-from-home office should be a space focused exclusively on work. When you have a real plant, as nice as it can be, it’s a responsibility. An artificial plant isn’t that. It doesn’t need any watering or care.


Another reason to consider a fake plant for an office setup is that plants, even faux, are scientifically proven to increase focus and concentration, and reduce stress and anxiety. This is great for a work-from-home office setup because you want stress to remain low and for focus to be optimal.


A home office setup has its perks. No commute. The joy of being able to work in sweatpants. The ability to plan your workday as you wish. There is lots to enjoy but a work-from-home space has to be planned, if you want to be most productive during the day. In that, fake plants have their place.


Shop trendy artificial plants, premium faux plants, and minimalist planters at Do a home office refresh your way and get in the décor and the design you need to be your best.

Pedro Capitao de Salles