Some surprising faux plant trends in 2022 have made it an interesting year for artificial plant suppliers. More dark green colors and lively plant shapes have been incredibly popular among millennials, new homebuyers, and commercial offices and businesses. To inject the right amount of color into your space, choose wisely. There are lots of top picks to browse online. These are some of the best fake plants garnering attention on TikTok, Instagram, and in everyday homes.


Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant


A mix of greens spread across the foliage of the faux Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant has made it common for a variety of settings.


Faux Bird of Paradise Plant


A real tropical artificial plant if there ever was one, the faux Bird of Paradise plant is another plant contributing to the home décor revolution as more homes move away from real plants to houseplants that are premium, hand-crafted, and all the way artificial.


Faux Olive Tree Plant


You won’t have much success growing a real olive tree plant but a faux olive tree is a decor centerpiece waiting to be placed.


Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant


A faux fiddle leaf plant will endure the worst of climate, temperature, and sun exposure, like any artificial plant. This is a fun plant that doesn’t need any tending to and a fiddle leaf plant will maintain its look in perpetuity.


Faux Areca Palm Tree Plant


A faux Areca palm tree plant is a summer-friendly, relaxing plant that will help calm a space. Nurture its look by providing it all the sun you want and setting it somewhere it can really pop.


Faux Travellers Palm Tree Plant


This does not look like your average fake palm tree. A faux travellers palm tree plant is an alternative, bursting with fresh greens and ready to fill even the drabbest of rooms with bright personality.


Faux Snake Sansevieria Dark Green Plant


You will see different iterations of fake snake sansevieria plants but this one is real popular in artificial plant and home décor circles. The artificial snake sansevieria dark green plant is hand-painted beauty, ready to be settled into the chosen spot in your home.


Faux Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant


A faux spathiphyllum leaf plant is perfect for anyone who does not have the time or interest to care for a real plant. A spathiphyllum leaf plant is a budget-friendly option over the time and money you could spend on a real one.


Faux Ficus Tree Plant


At a glance, no one will be able to tell this faux ficus tree plant is anything but real. Its curving aesthetic and bushy green top is a common sight in homes across the UK and Europe.


Faux Monstera Plant


Faux Monstera plants are all over Pinterest, TikTok, and are spread across work-from-home offices everywhere. You can’t blame anyone for opting for a fake Monstera. It’s big. It’s caught in full blossoming beauty. It’s consistent day-in and day-out, no care needed.


You can’t prove a real plant is worth the effort to turn into a houseplant when you see these exquisite, realistic creations. They take none of your time and always look impressive. Shop premium artificial plants in Europe at today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles