A living room is a very common space to want to put in a few premium faux plants. It’s where people gather. It’s an entertainment area. Living rooms are the perfect spaces to show a little personality.


Here are a few average-to-interesting locations to put artificial plants in a living room.


Coffee Table Placement


Your coffee table may be the perfect place to put a luxury artificial plant. You are limited by size though. Your plant shouldn’t be excessively large for a coffee table as you don’t want it to distract from conversation or obscure anyone’s line of sight.


Side Table Placement


Your side tables may have some extra space that can be reserved for an artificial plant. You aren’t as limited by size here as you are using your coffee table. You can do a lot with side table placement for a faux plant to improve the look and feel of your living room.


Freestanding Planter


A modern-minimalist floor planter tagged with your favorite premium artificial plant makes for an excellent addition to the living room. Set it in a corner out of the way and you’ll get all the luxury of a real plant with none of the obligations of tending, watering, and maintenance.


Create A Garden Area


If you really love fake plants and greenery, you might go all-out and create a little plant area or garden space in or around your living room. This can be done with a collection of individual planters or a larger garden bin. You can achieve a beautiful look arranging faux plants this way.


Put Against An Accent Wall


Do you have an empty accent wall – use it! This is another location where realistic faux plants can make a difference. A plant on an accent table or in its own floor planter both work well. The addition of some lighting and you can really give your accent wall an effortlessly fresh look.


Hanging Plants Or Top Shelf Placement


A hanging plant is mounted from the ceiling and often has vines that reach down, highlighting a flow of greenery. If ceiling-mounted greenery doesn’t work, a top shelf installed near the top of your wall is another way to have artificial plants in the room without them getting in the way.


Bookshelf For Home Décor


A freestanding bookshelf or floating shelf can be used for small artificial tabletop plants. With shelving, you can blend in lots of different décor and really highlight your interests, hobbies, and personality. Select and arrange your favorite fake plants nestled in amongst everything to lift the mood.


Be Creative


There are no limits with décor or plants. With as little or as large of a space as you have, get creative. Faux plants go into planters and can be arranged in a variety of ways, always clean, minimalist, and sleek. If you’re determined, creative incorporation of fake plants into your living room can really make the space stand out.


Houseplants are pleasant, mood-boosting home décor. Get the best in premium faux plants in Europe from Artiplanto.eu. There’s no upkeep. It’s as simple as placing it in the right location. Decorate your room with the realistic faux greenery you’ve always wanted and visit Artiplanto.eu today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles