Bera Potted Faux Fern 1.18ft (34cm)

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A home décor standout, see this potted faux fern in your space! Lush with wispy fronds, spread them out in all directions. Always interesting to look at, it doesn’t get more real than this. Adjust the branches, re-shape them, and add a touch of style with a pot or planter of your choosing.
  • Height - 1.18ft (34cm)
  • Diameter - 15.7 inches (40cm)
  • An all-natural green aesthetic in a classic fern design
  • Created with the finest, high-quality materials
  • Crafted by hand down to the most intricate details
  • True-to-life detail even a fern expert will mistake for real!
  • A staple in spas, resorts, offices, and everyday living spaces
  • No upkeep required

Find the plants you love. Artificial plants by ArtiPlanto add a touch of relaxation and inspiration, creating expressive rooms with personality. Order your potted faux fern today.

How Long Can A Fern Live?

The average fern plant can live up to 100 years, although this is the extreme end of what they’re capable of. Unfortunately, few ferns ever get there because they are very sensitive to temperature and climate changes. Comparatively, an artificial potted fern plant isn’t.

How Much Sun Does A Fern Plant Need?

A fern plant are best placed in shaded areas or indirect sunlight. The difficulty with sun is it dries out the soil. Ferns require humid conditions to thrive. They love moisture. This makes caring for a real fern challenging.

Why An Artificial Fern Plant For My Home or Office?

A faux fern stays fresh all year-long. It pops your space with unexpected green flares, without having to water it or worry about whether it’s getting enough sunshine. Place this tabletop fern anywhere, from your coffee table to the dining table, side tables, tv units, shelves, or in your workspace.

    Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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