A mistake in your gardening can kill your plants, hurt your curb appeal, and make the growing season incredibly disappointing.

When you care for a garden, you’ve got to be on top of things all the time. Making sure plants have enough water and light, and making adjustments as you go along in the season to keep everything moving forward like you planned.

Here are some of the most common gardening mistakes that anyone can fix with premium artificial plants.

Buying Problem Plants

Problem plants, i.e. invasive plants, spread quickly and will take up more resources that could accidentally kill other plants in your bin or container. A fake plant, realistically, doesn’t use any resources.

Failing To Repot When It’s Time

A plant grows. Eventually, it’s too big for its planter and will need to be repotted. When it’s not repotted, a plant’s growth is stifled. If you want to keep a plant the same size and look in perpetuity, investing in a fake plant is a smart move.

“The Rain Will Take Care Of It!”

You can under-water or overwater very easily in a garden. The rain won’t just take care of it. You’ve got to water and water either first thing in the morning or later in the day. When it’s hot and you water, you run the risk of evaporation and having the little water droplets act as heat magnifiers for the sun to scorch your leaves. Now, think about a fake plant. It doesn’t need any water.

Being Too “Generous”

More is not always good. More water. More sun. It really isn’t. Too much ‘kindness’ will kill your garden. If you don’t want to have to worry about what needs what when, start a switch to faux plants.

Failing To Address Pests

Pests kill plants. If you notice bugs and aren’t taking care of them immediately, you’ll see them duplicate again and again. They’ll just keep eating the organic material of the plant. That said, a fake plant isn’t organic. You don’t have to worry about pests.

Buying A Toxic Plant

With pets and young children, you want to be aware – even outdoors – of what’s a toxic plant and what isn’t. Especially if you have curious unattended dogs and the like, a bite of a leaf can make them seriously ill. Comparatively, faux plants from Artiplanto.eu are all non-toxic.

Overbuying For Your Space

You only have so much available garden space. Buying large plants or plants that will grow excessively large could pose a risk. An artificial plant though always maintains the same size, adaptable to the area they’re in by shaping and reshaping the branches and leaves.

Choosing The Wrong Plants

Plants that aren’t meant to survive in a European climate won’t. Plain and simple. However, an artificial plant can be any variety of plant. You can put it anywhere and it will thrive. Even an experienced gardener cannot make certain plants work.

You don’t need to select so carefully when you’re shopping for premium faux plants online in Europe at Artiplanto.eu. Create a warm, welcoming garden that invites you in and that you do not need to work at. Check out the best fake plants on offer at Artiplanto.eu today.
Pedro Capitao de Salles