As time passes, trends change. Every once in a while, you may look around your condo and discover that it needs a bit of an upgrade. When things are looking a little dull, there are lots of ways you can use trendy artificial plants to spruce up your condo and make a living space feel chic, modern, and stylish.


Here are some clever ways you can use fake plants to revitalize an outdated room.


Install A Plant On A Corner Shelf


If you have bought a hanging plant or a small tabletop fake plant, you can work these in very easily inside a condo using a multi-tier corner shelf. These freestanding shelves nestle into the corner of a room and turn an unoccupied area into something usable.


Use LEDs For Attention


Use warm LED string lights to hang on your faux plant or artificial tree and dress it up like a non-holiday centerpiece for the room.


Buy An Artificial Tree For Your Window


A great way to filter light with floor-to-ceiling windows is to add a small-to-medium-size premium faux tree. A palm tree. An olive tree. A fiddle leaf tree. These are examples of trees you can position in a corner by the window and help a room feel livelier.


Create A Dining Room Centerpiece


Your dining room is an excellent spot to plan a centerpiece for the table. You can pull together multiple individual plants of your choosing or pick an artificial plant to act as that eye-catching center.


Surround With Mirrors


Mirrors in a space add more area from a perception standpoint. They’re often used in small apartments and condos to make the room feel larger than it is. You can also use mirrors behind and around greenery to make it feel as if there is more than what’s actually there. When combined with other décor or LED lights, this can make for an extraordinary plant presentation.


Choose A Trendy Planter


As important as the aesthetic a fake plant is, what’s almost equally important is its planter. A modern-minimalist planter will add a nice look to your plant and help infuse the space with a specific pattern or color of your choosing.


Install A Plant On A Floating Shelf


A floating shelf can be very inexpensive, takes up very little space, and is the perfect mount on which to place a faux plant. Installation will be a breeze.


Revitalize Your Outdoor Patio


If your condo has a deck or patio that you’re not doing much with, try to make it something. A comfortable seat outside with a few artificial plants, a premium rug underfoot, and a few other items can add common square footage to your unit.


More Natural Materials


A premium faux plant is not the only nature-inspired material to have in your home. Create a minimalist collection of natural materials. Look at complementary items, like a salt rock, water features, natural stone, repurposed wood, and things of this nature. You can take these small items, station them throughout the condo, and these natural materials relate well from room to room.


Whether your faux plant is on a shelf, making a statement on a side table, or is an artificial tree occupying an accent wall, you have lots to pick from in terms of where to set yours and what plant to buy. Shop all your condo-ready premium artificial plants and trees this season at

Pedro Capitao de Salles