Summer’s a tricky season. It’s a great time for growing plants outside but a sometimes-difficult time for growing houseplants though. AC is not their friend. Even the strongest of plants can find it a struggle to survive indoors. Though there are ways to keep houseplants from dying, artificial greenery offers an alternative that is a little more hands-off and sustainable.


These days, premium artificial plants are made from excellent quality materials and are highly detailed, made by entire teams of plant experts. They can be easily purchased online through shops like and you can find the plant of your dreams there. You don’t need to maintain it, grow it, or constantly be shaping and reshaping it, cutting off leaves here and there.


Whether you go real or faux houseplants, here is our take on what you can today for dying houseplants.


Why Plants Die


Plants die for various reasons. Low on nutrients. Their roots have nowhere to go. The soil is not fertilized or the plant hasn’t been replanted in some time. Too much sun. Too high temperatures drying it out.


In terms of houseplants in the summer, plants die often from cold blasts form AC vents. You may expect they’d be alright in tropical-like summer weather but if the plant is being blasted with extremely cold hair, this is a sure way to kill it. In some cases, even if the plant isn’t near the AC, cold air will dry out the air. If you aren’t misting, this could dry out your plant. Of course, this depends on what kind of plant you have and what the best care plan for it is.


What Your Plant Needs


Every plant is different. They have a specific climate, temperature, and amount of sun that works for them. Understand what your plant’s optimum habitat is. This may or may not be able to be duplicated indoors. If it’s not, try a fake plant. If you insist on real plants though, be aware of sunlight exposure, where plants sit in relation to air conditioning vents, and whether they are better suited for indoors or outdoors.


Even if you do all these things right, at the end of the day, you never know when a plant may catch pests or a disease, or simply wilt seemingly without reason. If you’re struggling to keep houseplants alive, it might be time to give up the maintenance work and opt for something artificial, premium in design, and quality-made. Here are the benefits of fake plants and trees compared to real greenery.


  • Faux plants are non-toxic and non-organic, meaning that they do not catch pests or diseases, and are pet-safe.


  • No one has to know that it’s a faux plant. You can dress it up in a planter as a real plant and, unless you tell someone, you’ll have nearly everyone, if not all, believing you have the real thing.


  • Faux plants are available in a wide number of varieties. You can have any kind of plant you want, receiving the exact aesthetic you desire without any of the work. For home décor, it’s a win-win.


This summer, enjoy premium fake plants, trees, and greenery from Browse our recommendations and more, and pick your favourite of our beautiful houseplants that won’t require repotting, watering, or any long-term maintenance.

Pedro Capitao de Salles