Weighing your options on whether to buy faux plants or real plants, it’s not always clear what’s better. The advancing realism and detail of artificial plants has put forth some acclaimed choices compared to real plants which require time and attention to keep looking their best. When curating greenery for your flat or workspace, many people opt for premium faux plants for their ease and long-lasting aesthetic.


Here are the pros and cons of faux plants, while keeping in mind the charm and advantages of real plants.


Faux Plant Pros


There is a lot to appreciate about artificial plants, especially once you see them styled and shaped, and planted in your flat.


  • Lots of faux plant varieties. There are dozens of types of faux plants available and you don’t have to worry about whether a certain variety will be able to be kept alive in the four seasons of Europe.


  • You can get highly creative with fake plants. There are no limits. Choose your size, species, planter, and more. Use a faux plant in all sorts of ways, from keeping it in a standalone planter to setting it in hard-to-reach locations where you don’t need to worry about light, watering, or temperature.


  • Artificial plants last. Regardless of the time of year, they always look stylish and in season. You won’t lose any foliage or colour over time and won’t need to worry about replacing it.


  • Zero maintenance. No wilting. No dropped leaves. Beyond a bit of dusting, a realistic faux plant allows you to skip a plethora of steps that come with owning a real plant.


  • Non-toxic and no-risk. Some real houseplants are toxic and dangerous to pets and small children. Faux plants do not carry any such risks. They’re pet-friendly, pet-safe, and non-organic.


  • Lots of deals and artificial plant sales are out there. You can find some affordable, great discounts on sites like Artiplanto.eu.


Faux Plant Cons


Like with anything, there are some disadvantages to faux plants that can’t be looked over. Anyone buying a fake plant online should be aware of what to expect, good and bad, with artificial greenery.


  • Some cheaper artificial plants are prone to fading once they have been in the sun long enough. Depending on where your plant is placed, if it’s not rotated, over the course of years, you may notice some gradual fading although this happens very, very slowly.


  • Dust is the biggest threat to the realism of artificial plants. If you live on an old property, you might notice your fake plants start to collect dust. A simple, quick dusting is all that’s needed to take care of this issue though.


  • Some people love the smell and life of real plants. Obviously, with an artificial plant, you don’t get those same benefits nor should anyone realistically expect that.


  • Cheaper faux plants are sometimes made with non-biodegradable plastic and non-environmentally friendly materials. To maximize the chances of you getting a plant that’s made with more premium materials, go for a premium fake plant from a site like Artiplanto.eu.


For the best faux plants in Europe, shop dozens of premium varieties at Artiplanto.eu. Make your flat a little greener with inspired, realistically-detailed artificial plants.

Pedro Capitao de Salles