The work-from-home craze that has continued into another year of the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged a lot of people to find ways to remain focused and productive in sometimes-demanding home settings. You might have kids or pets. It may be distractions galore! A roommate, neighbor, or construction outside can all make noise and divert attention away from work. What some have come to as a way to help them stay focused are plants.


Have you ever noticed how there are plants in so many corporate offices these days? Not just there. They’re at lawyers’ offices, in restaurants and hotels, in hospitals and pharmacies, and personal services from gyms to hairstyling businesses. There’s a reason why plants are so popular. They’re loved by a lot of people and they put us in a good mood. It’s true! Plants have a subconscious effect that elevates mood and puts people in a positive headspace.


This same effect is had with artificial plants. Assuming they look real, our brain processes them in the same way. Even if you know they’re fake plants, an artificial plant will still increase our productivity, mood, and more.


Here are a few of the biggest reasons why artificial plants in a home office make for a smart purchase.


Increase Productivity


If you can, compare your productivity before having a plant to after having a plant. Most see some notable differences as it relates to work completed. A UK study found that plants in the workplace boosted productivity by 15% on average.


Decrease Downtime


In public offices, real and fake plants are shown to decrease downtime and reduce employee sick days by double-digit percentages. Applied at home, this translates to a lower likelihood of skipping work due to health reasons.


Decrease Stress


A major benefit of plants are that they reduce stress and anxiety. They do this while improving mood and self-esteem, particularly in young people. Premium fake plants have the same effect on mental health as well.


It Warms The Place Up A Bit


Some work-from-home offices aren’t in the best of spots. They’re often converted from home spaces that were previously underutilized. If you find your home office is a little cold, move in a few premium faux plants. They add warmth and welcome.


You Project Trendiness And Sustainability


If a client or co-worker happens to see a faux plant in the background of you on video, it communicates a multitude of things, from being a trendy home décor item to eco-friendliness and sustainability.


Faux Plants Are Better Than Real Plants


Especially in a home office, real plants are a chore. Then, when it comes that time of their life where they aren’t looking so great anymore, it can be downright disappointing to start work looking at a plant that’s seen better days.


You don’t need a garden in your home office to experience these benefits. Even a single faux plant can produce these effects. If you want to upgrade your work-from-home setup while reducing stress and anxiety, shop for your favourite tabletop artificial plant from

Pedro Capitao de Salles