Home staging is fast becoming an essential element in selling flats and properties across Europe. In short, what home staging is is the act of making a property appear as attractive as possible. In order to do that, furniture is rearranged, home décor is brought in, and the property is kept as clean as possible to demonstrate its appeal. A common part of home staging is the use of premium faux plants from sites like Artiplanto.eu.


If you’re trying to sell where you’ve been living for years, chances are that looking around, everything sort of bends to you, your personality, and your preferences. It’s your home and so everything’s made up so that it looks like your home. There’s nothing wrong with that but to sell a property, a prospective buyer typically will want to see themselves living in the property. This involves transforming ‘your home’ into something that’s more general in a sense, and new, trendy, and attractive to someone who may be living there.


A number of real estate experts encourage home staging because it helps to sell properties quicker and may even positively impact the price you earn.


What’s The Objective Of Home Staging?


  • To add contemporary décor that’s not personal to the homeowner and that isn’t outdated.
  • To rearrange the home in the vein of the latest trends and styles to match what buyers might be expecting.
  • For a buyer to visualize their life in a staged home as opposed to seeing someone else’s prearranged décor, art, and furniture. If the home is not presented in a neutral way, visualizing one’s self living in a property can be difficult and an obstacle to them making an offer.


Home staging has proven time and time again that it can increase amounts offered for properties and ultimately motivates a faster sale. While home staging companies exist, you can also do the staging yourself to some degree by cleaning up, removing personal photographs and self-identifying materials, and with items such as fake plants for staging.


How Do Fake Plants Help With Home Staging?


An artificial plant has lots of benefits. It makes rooms feel more vibrant and alive. Individuals generally feel good when they’re around plants as they minimize feelings of stress and anxiety, and boost focus and concentration in most people. Faux plants and trees can also be used to dress accent walls and empty spaces that you don’t have anything else planned for.


There are lots of different types of faux plants used in home staging as well. Some greenery is minimal and small in design, such as an artificial cactus that sits on a shelf or on a work desk. Comparatively, you also have large artificial trees that range from 1 metre to 3 metres. They’re capable of taking up a lot of space and being their own centerpiece in the room they are placed. 


As eye-catching décor, faux plants can also distract from awkward floor plans and highlight unique features.


They are also far better than real plants which are difficult to keep looking pristine throughout showing a home and readying a property for sale. A faux plant is reliable and stable in its appearance, not requiring any care beyond shaping.


If you’re selling your home, consider staging your rooms. You may find you make a much quicker sale this way. Find fake plants and artificial trees premium-made and highly realistic from Europe’s #1 faux plants source, Artiplanto.eu.

Pedro Capitao de Salles