Switching up your home décor for the spring and summer is a way to rejuvenate the energy in your household.

There are some very easy ways to redecorate and leave your home with a ready-for-summer appearance. Realistic artificial plants look just like the real thing but don’t need any care or maintenance year-round. Try them in your home décor scheme this season. Here are some artificial plant décor hacks to consider.


A small wreath hanging on the back of your door takes up no space and is your opportunity to customize something. Take your favourite artificial plants and restyle them to a wreath, making cuts and adjustments as you go along.


The entryway to your home is where first impressions are made. When you open the door and someone takes their first step inside, it sets the tone for what’s ahead. It’s the perfect place – assuming you have the space – to put an artificial plant. The beauty here is a plant can be as small as something you put on a tabletop or as large as an artificial palm tree. It’s up to you.


Colours can be thrown in between planters and plants by reusing simple items you already have. Clothing, blankets, and throws can be cut or crumpled up and set around faux plants to act as a background. From neutrals to bold, solid colours, you can craft a very unique artificial plant presentation with this.

Home Offices

The sight of plants, real or faux, has been shown to improve concentration and productivity in home office settings. If you’re seeking a way to dress up this part of your home, try a tabletop-sized home office artificial plant.


For a real mix of creativity, customize where you have your artificial plants by mounting some artwork nearby as well. You can use artwork you already have, create your own on a canvas, solicit a friend’s help, or buy from a local artist. This will further brighten up your home and add something that you don’t find in most artificial plant arrangements.

Mixing With Essential Oils

You don’t get any scent with an artificial plant. For some, this leaves a lot to be desired. Essential oils add all-natural scents that can help communicate naturalness in a room. Though we can’t see essential oils hanging in the air after they’ve been diffused, the impact they have is extraordinary.

Accenting Centerpieces

Every room has a centerpiece. The dining room has the dining room table. The kitchen has the tabletop and appliances. The living room often has a flat-screen TV. Accent these with realistic artificial plants set up around them.

Large Artificial Trees

From malls to offices, commercial environments have often used faux greenery and artificial trees to infuse these spaces with green. If you have the space in your home, try an artificial tree customized to the size you want. Up to 3 metres high.

Mixing In Accessories or Elements

In between, alongside, and in the planter of artificial plants, consider incorporating natural elements and accessories. Pieces of wood or small wood chips, fake grass, stones and rocks, etc. This helps to further emphasize the green of your plants.

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andrew lu