9 Best Faux Plants in 2021 For Your Collection

We aren’t all capable gardeners, unfortunately. A green thumb is a blessing not all of us were given. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy artificial plants in your home décor theme. Here are nine of the best faux plants in 2021 to add to your home collection.

Faux Fern Plant

A faux fern plant is very hassle-free and it’ll fool anyone entering your home that it’s a living, breathing piece of greenery. Ferns look great in pairs or balanced in symmetry but also can be used independently, such as on the desk of a work-from-home office.

Faux Cactus Plant

A faux cactus plant never wilts. It never yellows. It’s a quiet houseplant that, though artificial, no one can tell isn’t real. If you know it’s time to consider a fake plant but are nervous about the artificiality of it, go for what looks most real to you. A cactus plant fits the bill.

Faux Olive Plant

A faux olive plant has finger-like leaves, fuzzy when examined from a distance. For novices and expert plant parents, an artificial olive tree no matter the size can add a lot of excitement but without the heaviness that follows around a lot of real plants.

Faux Travellers Palm Tree

A faux travellers palm tree is a highly stylish palm, chosen by influencers from all walks to add to collaborative décor settings. Eye-catching and filled with tropical charm, its large leaves go upward and extend outward like arms looking for a hug.

Faux Watercress Plant

A faux watercress plant comes in light and dark greens, intermixed like a work of art. Are you planning on doing some traveling in the next three or four months – you don’t have to worry about a fake watercress. It’ll look just as charming when you return as it will the day you open the packaging upon ordering.

Faux Monstera Plant

A faux Monstera plant has large, gently torn leaves, and is an instantly recognizable wonder. If your best effort in decorating a home or office is a Monstera, consider it a job well done. You can also surround its greenery with a wide variety of accessories to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Faux Bird Of Paradise Plant

A faux Bird of Paradise plant is a precious artificial plant. Lush when it wants to be, it looks great hanging out in a living room, an entranceway, or to spruce up a corner of a room. Its long and tropical leaves flow out and can be shaped according to the shape you like.

Faux Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

A faux sansevieria plant, aka a snake plant, is a pretty chic addition to any room. For non-plant lovers looking at what’s most unique or visually interesting, they’re often attracted to sansevieria plants. Like succulents, an artificial snake plant looks identical to the real thing and is cute in its own way.

Faux Orchid Floral Arrangement

When it comes to houseplant collections, we try to steer clear of too much color. That said, an artificial orchid plant is natural-looking and realistic. It won’t make for a distraction in your overall décor but can add a lot to a kitchen countertop, dining room table, or even nestled in a centerpiece in a special place in your home.

These are just a few of the exquisitely designed best faux plants in 2021 found at Artiplanto.eu. From towering plants to small tabletop greenery, you’ve got lots to choose from with delivery available to anywhere in Europe. Shop with us today.

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