Even the word ‘spa’ suggests a certain serenity. Your bathroom isn’t just a necessary daily stop. From a décor standpoint, it’s an opportunity to do something special for yourself. To create an escape.

Any bathroom can be made to feel more like a spa with a few simple things. Embrace a little tranquility. Personalize a beloved bathroom to what feels right to you. Here are a few recommendations.

Choose Faux Plants

Premium-grade faux plants can really make a bathroom feel like something special. Large greenery, artificial trees, flowers, and/or plants, there’s a place for all of them. Used sparingly, artificial plants can really jazz up a bathroom to have a spa-like interior.

Choose Real Plants

We know this is an article about artificial plants in bathroom décor, however, this doesn’t mean real plants can’t be used. Particularly for plants with age-old requirements for high moisture, a bathroom’s not a bad place to put them.

Deep, Dark Colours

The deeper the colour you use in a bathroom, the more relaxing and spa-like it will be. Bright colours create stress in the brain. A deep green urges the brain to calm. Mellow textures and colours help to create the ambience you’re yearning for in a spa bathroom.

Custom Planter Presentations

Whether it’s real or faux, plants look great in the right planter. Try for a planter that shows a little personality. Don’t stop at the look and feel of it, either. Try decorating the soil with things like woodchips, stones, barks, grass, moss, or similar things.

Try for Visually-Interesting Plants

Spas are high-moisture environments. Spa artificial plants are often exotic and tropical. They’re very interesting to look at and not the sort of plants you’d often see growing on the European continent.

An Essential Oil Fragrance

Spas smell like they’re blooming. Find a tantalizing aroma that attracts your interest. If you’re intending on inviting guests over to share in a spa day, add a spark to the relaxation with an essential oil diffuser pumping out your favourite scent.

Tall Plants

It’s much easier to have few tall faux plants than it is to care for a larger garden-esque type of collection. Shun the urge to get busy. Uphold some minimalism. Don’t be conspicuous with choices in décor. Put them out front and center for you to see and admire.

Blend In Other Natural Materials

Alongside your best artificial plants in Europe, consider what you can do with natural woods, stones, and more. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it feel like you’re nestled in nature. Though it’s not for everyone, it continues to mark a clear deviation from urban, concrete-influenced design.

Create Space

No one likes a cramped bathroom. Taking up all the available space isn’t fun for anyone. If a bathroom’s already quite tight and all you can reasonably fit in are one or two plants, you’ll negatively impact your calmness by making things feel or appear any busier than they need to be.

Having a spa made from your own bathroom gives you something to be excited about on weekends and when you have the time to enjoy all the beauty you’ve invested in this space. Shop artificial plants in Europe from Artiplanto today and fill your bathroom up with exotic plants of every size.
andrew lu