An artificial plant hanging basket can be made using almost any faux plant. Although some hanging plants are already optimized for hanging placement, such as a string of hearts, any greenery can be placed or shaped to be put inside a hanging basket and hung. This is what you’ll want to know.

Plan Ahead

If you buy a hanging plant, excellent! Skip this step. If you very much intend to make your own hanging basket with a custom fake plant, plan. Have a look through various artificial plants, formulating a rough sketch of what you need for a hanging basket and what plants you’re invested in purchasing.

Buy the Hanging Basket

There is a variety of hanging baskets and planters out there. You can even DIY a hanging basket. You cannot do a hanging plant without a basket to set the plant and maintain the weight in suspension.

Buying The Plant

It makes no sense to buy an overly large faux plant for a hanging basket because it won’t fit. Assuming you have different sizes of artificial plants to choose from, always go for the smaller greenery. This way, you have less work to do in shaping it to the hanging basket.

Set The Plant

Put the artificial plant in the hanging basket. See how it looks. Picture it hung. You may want alterations done to reform it or things added to create a more colorful display, such as wood chips, broken stones, or similar items. There are no rules in creating an artificial plant hanging basket.

Form The Plant

Once you unbox your artificial plant and it’s set, form the plant creating the hanging look. A premium faux plant is bendable and can be adjusted. Everything can be re-formed and re-shaped according to how you like. Be sure to form it in a way where the plant fits into where you intend to put it.

Secure It

The last step to creating a fake hanging plant is to hang it. Secure it. Ensure where you’ve mounted the plant can hold it. You may discover it needs more support. Alternatively, you may think it needs a little more appeal.

What You Can Do To Add More…

  • Hang multiple hanging plants, using multiple baskets to create a unique look.

  • Switch out your hanging basket or planter for something more colourful and expressive.

  • Re-shape the artificial plant to give it a different look. Some people take things a step further and will even purposefully damage the plant, cutting it up and redistributing the pieces according to the look they want.

  • Add lightweight materials, such as wood chips, stones, crystals, broken glass pieces, or redesign the planter as a DIY arts and crafts project, adding more decorative elements that you can admire once hung.

  • Add LED string lights to the hanging plants display and give it something extra to look at.

  • How you make an artificial plant hanging basket is fairly easy. The real challenge is achieving a decorative aesthetic that’s in line with what you’re aiming for. Shop premium, realistic artificial hanging plants, artificial trees, and faux plants at today.

    Andrew Lu