A faux plant is the perfect addition to any home décor arrangement. Before you go buying artificial plants online, however, there are a few questions that need answers.

Location is everything in décor. Too much décor creates clutter. Too less looks empty. In what room you intend to put your faux plants and where in that room you will set your fake plant will decide some key details of the greenery you want.

Fortunately, premium fake plants can go almost anywhere. Here are a few examples.

Your Entryway

A popular place to put artificial plants is near the entranceway of your property. A warm, welcoming faux plant near the front door can set the vibe for what guests are to find inside.

Your Outdoors

A deck or patio in the backyard or for your front door entrance, a faux plant outdoors arrangement is another popular option in how to use artificial plants in the UK and Europe.

Your Kitchen

A kitchen is perhaps the room of the house with the most rules as it pertains to where to put greenery. You do not want to have artificial plants near your stove for the risk of heat. If your kitchen is small, you also want to avoid having too much décor taking up space that would otherwise serve a function. A hanging plant may be your best bet in a situation like this.

Your Bathroom

A small set of artificial plants in the bathroom can vastly help improve the space and fill it with relaxing colours and vibes. From the sink countertop to shelving or on a windowsill, small faux greenery is generally preferred over larger plants for this use.

Your Bedroom

A master bedroom – or even better, a guest bedroom – can be made to look like the nicest suite through simple additions like the right faux plant. Set up on a bedside table, on a windowsill, or a large fake tree overhanging over the room from the corner are all popular ways to create a memorable bedroom décor arrangement.

Your Dining Room

A dining room is an immaculate place to put some faux plants. Especially if you have dinner parties, entertain guests regularly, or simply want a stress-free dining room setting for your household, a freestanding artificial plant near your table or a fake plant table centerpiece is perfect.


Any sort of transition areas, such as hallways or staircases, may have some areas where a faux plant can be put. These are desirable areas to have them as artificial greenery can add some personality. The downside is there is rarely a lot of space in these places. You may consider a simple, small, thin table or shelving as a way to get around the lack of places to put plants.

There are lots of ways to decorate with faux plants. The first step is buying yours. Shop artificial greenery, faux plants, fake flowers, hanging plants, baskets, planters, and more at Artiplanto.eu. Where should you put faux plants in your room – let it be wherever you want! There are no decorating rules that weren’t made to be broken at some point. Have a look around and decide for yourself, based on your home, where an artificial plant is best put.
Andrew Lu