An artificial plant can be secured fairly easily in a pot or planter. How you decorate. How you shape the faux plant. What type of planter you choose. These are all things that matter and influence how a fake plant in a stand is presented.

If you have chosen a realistic-looking artificial plant for your home décor, here are a few things to think about when setting up a faux plant in a planter.

What Size Planter You Need

It can be difficult estimating what the right planter is for your artificial plant.

The general rule is to have up to 8” in diameter for a planter for any faux plant up to 4 feet in height. After that, calculate it as 12” in diameter for every 4 feet of height, such as if it’s an 8” plant, you want a planter that’s somewhere around 24”.

An Appropriate Size For Plant And Planter

If the plant is too large for the planter or if your planter is far too large to look natural with small plants inside, these are aesthetic issues you will want to address. Fortunately, with a premium artificial plant, it stays the same shape in perpetuity. You don’t have to guess how large it may grow.

Planter That Matches Your Existing Décor Theme

When you buy a planter, most will buy a planter, pot, or container that matches their existing aesthetic. You also want to coordinate the look of the planter with the look of your fake plant. Clashes in décor aren’t overly troublesome but, in time, they can become an eye-sore and contribute a very unnatural look which is the exact opposite vibe you want with fake greenery.

Using Spikes For Your Faux Plant

Although artificial plants can stay up on their own, some people may use wire or plastic spikes to form different shapes or to help them pot a fake plant. That is certainly permissible and there’s plenty of material that can be used for something like this. All in all, it’s not difficult to set a fake plant down into a pot. A lot of how it’s done will be based on how you style it.

Feel Free to Decorate As You Please

There are also lots of creative ways to decorate an artificial plant in a stand. From moss or grass to incorporating colored glass, different rocks and crystals, wood chips, or other natural materials inside the planter, you can really make a fake plant arrangement stand out. As there is no watering, nothing you put in the planter is going to be impacted by moisture.

Shape The Plant With An Even Shape

A premium faux plant has the ability to be shaped and re-shaped according to how you desire. Although fake plants are not heavy on their own, a strong gust of wind or a branch accidentally catching on someone’s arm as they walk by is a risk and could topple the planter. Be sure to shape the greenery in a manner where it is evenly distributed.

How to Make A Faux Plant Planter Heavier

If you are having problems having a faux plant planter be heavy enough to stay upright, add weight. You can do this in disguise and very creatively with things like sand, mud, slate, or by breaking up stones.

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Andrew Lu