A faux Bird of Paradise is a majestic plant. Within the world of indoor plants, Bird of Paradise greenery has a strong reputation. Large, rich, and tropical, you may be looking and comparing between ‘real’ and ‘faux’.

In look, it’s obvious. They look similar, if not identical. A fake Bird of Paradise plant, especially a premium artificial plant, is crafted by hand, often hand-painted, and once shaped, is made to resemble the real thing down to the finest detail.

Looks aside though, how you take care of a fake plant is totally, totally different from having to navigate around the difficulties of the real thing. A real Bird of Paradise is very adaptive but unfortunately still prone to plant death in a lot of homes.

Here is why a fake Bird of Paradise is better.

No Light, No Water

A real Bird of Paradise can exist in various climate and temperature conditions. Although it may stress the plant, they will still adapt to the conditions around them as best as they can without issue.

An artificial Bird of Paradise is more adaptable. It’s not living and so plant death is not even a remote concern. It can’t happen.

With regards to light, a faux Bird of Paradise can be in low, indirect light or placed in a sunny location and be perfectly alright. In terms of watering, you don’t water a fake plant. It’s unnecessary moisture you don’t want around your plant. You don’t have to worry about humidity, temperature, fertilizing it, or anything else.

Is Bird of Paradise A Toxic Plant?

Yes, a Bird of Paradise is a toxic plant. Mildly so. If a leaf or part of the Bird of Paradise plant is ingested, it can cause irritation in the mouth and stomach. This is all the more reason if you have pets or a young child to avoid getting a real Bird of Paradise. Instead, buy a faux plant online.

A faux plant is non-toxic. It can be ingested – although why would you? – and it isn’t going to irritate the stomach or cause trouble in the same way that a real plant will. Pets and children will not be prompted to go after a faux plant and hopefully, your Artiplanto.eu greenery should remain as a single plant for a long time.

What Other Issues to Expect With A Bird of Paradise

In addition to the points already mentioned, a real Bird of Paradise can possibly have trouble blooming, or the leaves may dry and curl or turn brown from overwatering or under-watering. Does a fake Bird of Paradise go through any of that – obviously not. No artificial greenery experiences any sort of leaves turning, drying, or curling.

The biggest difficulty you will have taking care of an artificial Bird of Paradise is having to occasionally dust it.

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Andrew Lu