How You Can Make People Think You’re A Plant Expert With Fake Plants

You don’t have to be a plant expert to look like a plant expert. Set that green thumb aside! Instead, let’s focus on the décor, arrangements, and planters as well as other essentials to put your ‘expertise’ on display.

Home décor and plants go hand-in-hand. A perfect marriage some may say. If you want to create an atmosphere that is more plant-like, natural, and greenery-friendly, here is how to pull that exact look off.

Less Is More

You may be tempted to inundate a space with tons of leaves, trees, flowers, and plants. Hear us out. For novices, start with a single plant first. See how it goes. A good rule is to add a new plant every month until it feels right.


Start a plant shelf. This can be either freestanding or mounted. It does not have to be large. A simple shelf that puts on display your favourite small plants is a nice feature point in a room’s arrangement.

Premium Faux Plants

Don’t go shopping for cheap fake plants. Buy premium faux plants. They should have a little craftsmanship to them! From the detail in the leaves down to the stem, you’d be shocked at artificial plants’ looks and how convincing they can be.

Treat ‘Faux’ Like ‘Real’

Put a fake plant in a fake setting and it’ll look fake. Make it look real by surrounding it with its required elements, such as sun, natural décor like stones and moss, and/or other plants. Try to deliver what the natural environment of a given artificial plant would look like.

Cute, Trendy Planters

Put your best artificial plants into colorful, on-point, décor-ready planters. Set them in an area where the planter is just as much a conversation piece as the plant is. This treats faux plants like exactly what they are – a décor element.

Reshape And Rotate

Faux plants always look the same. That’s a positive but can also be a negative. Reshape your plants on occasion. Bend them into new looks. Even slight changes can help them appear more realistic to returning guests. You may also want to rotate certain plants in and out according to the season as well. This is another trick to help keep things lively and interesting.

Natural Materials

In your planter or around your plants, you can really turn it into a full-on display of nature. From wood to stones, moss, and other décor choices, you can very much heighten the look of artificial plants in home décor.

Hanging Planters

Faux plants don’t need to be taken care of which makes putting them in interesting places possible. A hanging planter is a great answer to the question of where to put your plants. You really put on display your style with this suggestion.

Artful Presentation

A way to make people think you’re a plant expert is by using your skills as an artist to contribute to and also distract from your chosen artificial plants. Things like hanging décor, colored glass sculptures, painted canvases, artistic planters, and other common colorful elements can help create something that’s all the way beautiful and uniquely you. have the best artificial plants in Europe. We are the experts on how to take care of faux plants and how to get the most out of them from a décor standpoint. Have plants that will last a lifetime. Visit today.

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