Maybe it’s a friend or a family member. Maybe it’s a new neighbor. A new homeowner or someone who has just moved into their new place, they’re probably still acclimating to what everything looks like, where everything is, and the people around them. At times, it can be lonesome being in a new place without enough furniture or without knowing your neighbors. A kind heartwarming gift to give as a welcome is a faux plant.

An artificial plant can make for the perfect housewarming gift. They’re very pretty to look at. There’s no need to take care of them. They make for exquisite home décor and can be set in almost any style, from vintage and classic to modern, minimalist, and trendy. In fact, artificial greenery is a sought-after form of décor by many millennials and individuals who want that eco-friendly green look but who may not have the time to take care of a real plant.

Should I Buy Them An Artificial Plant?

Years ago, faux plants had a bit of a beat-up reputation. They were seen as tacky and plastic, and to be fair, these were criticisms well-earned. The plants of that period were poorly crafted, made from very cheap materials, and would gather so much dust that, of course, they did resemble something totally fake and not real.

Today’s faux plants are made completely different. Thanks to advancements in computer technology and the dedication of companies like, a lot of these faux plants are incredibly life-like, handmade by skilled artisans, and are made from premium materials. When buying fake plants online, you can browse through hundreds of plants, at all sorts of heights, alongside trendy minimalist planters that make this a really pretty gift.

Something else you’ll notice about how far fake plants have come is that they’re featured in interior design, home décor, real estate, office design, hotels and hospitality, restaurants, and everywhere. They’re widely seen as a very fine addition to any décor aesthetic.

What Plant Makes The Best Housewarming Gift?

The best housewarming gift is something that isn’t overwhelming. You do not want to gift a new homeowner another piece of major décor that they won’t know what to do with. It’s safer to select something relatively small. Any fake greenery larger than three feet is typically not appropriate, unless of course you know the person really well and believe it could be seen positively. Even smaller than that is probably better.

A small faux succulent is an excellent housewarming gift. So is a small fern, small palm, or small plant of any variety. Ultimately, the type of plant or flower that you purchase as a gift can be anything so much as it relates to the person you’re buying for. If you have greater insight into a person’s personality and what they might like in an artificial plant, of course, you can take that and make use of it. To that end, if you don’t know the person, you may want to stick with a more general green plant.

At such a size, you may also want to look into buying a trendy, minimalist décor-friendly planter that matches.

If you’re looking for a nice housewarming gift, shop faux plants at today. See why decorators and designers are relying on our artificial plant creations more and more.
Andrew Lu