Most Popular Artificial Plants To Get You Ready For Summer 2022

Already this season, dozens of our premium artificial plants are flying off the shelves with a big summer right around the corner.

With this likely to be the first open and COVID-free summer in three years, now’s a great time to stock up on your favourite items in summer home décor. Here are some of the most popular faux plants for summer 2022 that you can buy today online via

Bird of Paradise Potted Plant

The faux Bird of Paradise plant is one of the first plants most look to when it comes to filling one’s home with greenery. Choose from Bird of Paradise plants with a little colour or those that are predominantly green.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

Having a Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant in place for your summer brings tropical, beach-like vibes anywhere you put it. Have it indoors or outdoors, brightening up an empty corner or being somewhat of a centerpiece to what’s going on visually in your room.

Spathiphyllum Leaf Potted Plant

Any list of the best fake plants in Europe has to include the spathiphyllum leaf potted plant. We field questions and inquiries about faux greenery like this on a daily basis. It is one of the most popular on sale right now, available online.

Fiddle Leaf Potted Plant

Throw a faux fiddle leaf potted plant where you need it. It’s a very adaptable aesthetic that works in a number of settings, from bedrooms to kitchens and dining rooms. When your home seems shockingly bare and you don’t know what to add in, try an artificial plant like a fiddle leaf plant.

Olive Tree Potted Plant

An artificial olive tree is perfect for those who don’t want to garden or who might have struggled in the past to keep their favourite plants alive. An olive tree has a beautiful thin shape and will brighten up your home without taking up any space.

Travellers Palm Tree Plant

A travellers palm tree plant is an artificial palm tree that looks a little differently than what you might be expecting. It’s got big banana-like leaves and an unforgettable tropical look. Add a little heat to your summer with a tropical plant like the travellers palm tree, available in various sizes.

Areca Palm Tree Potted Plant

An artificial Areca palm tree is light and breezy, and the plant looks like it’s begging for a gust of wind to come along and create some movement between its leaves. Keep your room feeling good with fun, bright palm tree plants like this. It’s available in a near-tabletop size to large standalone.

Snake Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

If it’s a scorcher of a summer, things might be feeling a little dry outside. A full lush green faux plant might not be what you want. Enter in a faux succulent or something like this artificial snake sansevieria dark green plant. This is identical – and we mean identical! – to the real thing.

Keep your summer fun, light, and relaxed. Buy a plant you don’t need to raise from a seedling or routinely water. Buy premium artificial plants on sale right now from

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