Revealing a few tips on how to stage your home to sell faster with artificial plants is a privilege. These are things that realtors and some of the world’s top home décor experts use daily to emphasize appeal and liveliness.

Elevating your space with greenery can be done with as little as a single plant as a dining room centerpiece.

When you put in an artificial plant, you make a home feel more special, curated, and it adds character. Here is a little bit about how to do exactly that with faux plants for home staging in view.

Mix Real With Faux

Faux plants do not need to be their own category. In fact, a lot of people mix real plants with artificial and to great success. A planter filled with a mix of real and fake plants is a liberating combination, erasing the line between what’s faux and what isn’t.

The Planter Is Everything

We hate to say this because we absolutely love premium faux plants but the planter can be as important as the plant. This is very applicable to real estate staging with plants, real and faux. Trendy, minimalist planters are best for this type of setting.

Faux Plant In The Corner

If you’re at a loss selling a residence and have an empty corner here or there, an artificial tree settled in a standalone planter is a natural and colorful way to spruce up these parts. A simple faux palm tree, faux olive tree, or faux fiddle leaf plant are all excellent choices for this type of staging.

Draw Attention

Plants catch the eye. People are attracted to greenery in a very natural way. If there is a part of your home that you want to bring attention to or a feature you want to highlight, this is an opportune spot to put an artificial plant.

Create A Bathroom Oasis

The bathroom isn’t a typical spot you’d expect to do much staging but it’s an important room inside any home you’re selling. Create a bathroom spa with careful placement of a faux plant, some nice-smelling bathroom products, and premium towels. You can really make a great impression this way.

Tabletop Artificial Plants

Where you’re most likely to see a fake plant in real estate staging is on a tabletop. A dining room table. A kitchen island or countertop. A bedside table. A table up against the wall. A small tabletop artificial plant is perfect for these areas and won’t overpower the room.

Low Light And Bright Light

Plants have an interesting relationship to light. A fake plant can help brighten up a windowless room or a basement where there isn’t a lot of light. Faux plants can also be used to calm down a bright room, such as a condo with floor-to-ceiling windows where the light may feel a little overpowering.

These are some of the ways that faux plants from can be used to bring life and texture to real estate. Caring for houseplants isn’t always easy but with faux plants, you aren’t doing any trial and error. You know exactly what your property will look like day-in and day-out. Visit today to check out some of the best artificial plants in Europe.
Pedro Capitao de Salles