Homes with limited space aren’t what you think about when thinking about where to put an artificial tree.

In interior design and for indoor home gardens though, trees can completely change the dynamics of a room. An easy-to-care-for artificial tree is soothing, whether it’s on its own or in combination with other faux plants.

A perfect decoration in home décor, faux palm trees bring a little bit of the tropics up north to Europe. If you aren’t sure where to begin in your search for summer-ready casual and classic palms, try some of these elegant and uplifting artificial trees.

Artificial Fan Palm Tree Plant

We start this list off with a bit of an unusual choice – the artificial fan palm tree. A fan palm has stems that each contain hand-like collections of palm leaves. In the wind, fan palm leaves can appear as if they’re waving.

Indoors, the fan palm tree flourishes with charms. Made from the hearts and minds of skilled artificial plant design experts, you’ll be surprised at how realistic and natural the fan palm tree plant comes off.

Artificial Areca Palm Tree Plant

The Areca palm tree pushes South American palm aesthetic up from long stems. Palm trees continue to flourish in home décor in large part because of the relaxing atmosphere palms cultivate. This artificial plant is no different in that.

Like other artificial palm tree varieties, the Areca comes in several different sizes. This is very advantageous for homes that are severely limited in area.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

A Hawaii Kwai palm tree is big, beautiful, and light on the eyes. With a mix of light green, the tropical colours are very much in line with what you expect in a palm tree.

The most popular artificial palm tree in Europe, the Hawaii Kwai boasts a true-to-life design capturing all of the elegant details and variations in natural plants. Create a tropical mood, bringing in a little bit of summer year-round.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree Plant

When you buy faux palm trees online in Europe, a travellers palm tree doesn’t appear like a characteristic choice. Its leaves aren’t very palm-like. It’s more like a banana tree in its look, although still technically a palm.

Adaptable to any room in the home, an Artiplanto artificial travellers palm tree is a pleasing, sharply pointed palm with a slightly different shape that homeowners have come to love and appreciate.

Artificial Fishtail Palm Tree Plant

A fishtail palm is a little darker, with its greens a little deeper and its foliage a little fuller. For botanical lovers searching for their next favourite foliage, a fishtail palm tree comes off as a sophisticated choice.

The splendor of palms like the fishtail can be further heightened by positioning unique décor or accessories around it, drawing attention to your faux plants. Just like a real fishtail palm, appearance-wise, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Search out perfectly crafted faux palm trees in Europe at Artiplanto. Our professional team of plant designers are second to none. Offering the best in quality, satisfaction, and realism, see the resemblance first-hand. We blur the lines between what’s real and what’s faux.
andrew lu