A trellis is a solid vertical support for plants. It’s designed to both act as a support and also be decorative. Here are a few artificial plant trellis ideas to use for your garden and with your greenery.

The Material

Most people see wood when they think of a trellis but it can be made from anything. A metal trellis is an excellent alternative, perfect for someone interested in maintaining a sleek, modern, or tech-driven décor style.

Bend The Artificial Plant Stems

When you buy faux plants online from Artiplanto.eu and other sources, the premium plant you receive has bendable stems. You can use that to form some very unique looks around a trellis – something that’s not necessarily possible with a real plant.

Build Your Own With Twigs

If you are crafty with tools, it’s not overly difficult to build your own trellis. This way, you can truly customize the shape and scale. If it was for a real plant, twigs and wood can prove to be a challenge as they aren’t waterproof. For a fake plant though, there’s no moisture there so any greenery will work.

Small Trellis For A Small Plant

Buying a small tabletop plant, you might not think you need a trellis. That’s fair! You don’t! Having a trellis though can be very cute and contributes the same décor as it would if you it was supporting a larger plant. Trellises come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Be sure to consider them for smaller plants as well.

Try An Arched Top

An arch trellis has a rounded or arched top and emphasizes height. Instead of simply adding a rectangular trellis – which is perfectly alright, of course – an arch comes with a little more style.

Use It As A Privacy Screen

A trellis works almost like a fence in some ways. The pair of trellis and artificial plant provides privacy. Especially if you have multiple plants or a particularly large fake plant or artificial tree, a freestanding trellis or one attached to a deck can help keep unwelcome eyes out.

Try A Dome Rather Than A Wall

A trellis can also be a dome-like structure. A plant can essentially grow ‘through it’ through the open space. While an artificial plant doesn’t grow, positioning a trellis over top a plant and reshaping the stems so they fit through the openings can provide a really, really cool look.

Team It With The Right Planter

When buying planters and baskets, ensure it matches to your trellis and vice versa. Lots of trellis styles exist as do planters, ranging from rustic and vintage to more modern and minimalist. The right combination in style can prove to be highly dynamic in presenting a faux plant just the way you want.

Try A Simple Metal Grid

A trellis can also be something like a lattice-style metal grid. Especially if your plant is against a barren wall or plain-looking fence, a grid adds a different feel and acts like a visual anchor. To customize and make this a little more abstract or artistic, you can shape a metal grid or trellis structure from repurposed metal wire cloth hangers. 

These are just a few faux plant trellis ideas but there are so many more out there. Artiplanto.eu carries all sorts of artificial plants and greenery that are perfectly suited to an in-planter trellis setup. Visit Artiplanto.eu today to see what’s possible in the world of premium fake plants.
Andrew Lu