What Are the Benefits of Artificial Plants v. Real Plants

Plants are calm, serene company. Indoors and outdoors, used in gardens and in pots, planters, containers, and even sometimes in a hanging planter, plants and trees are a lovely choice for homes and commercial spaces.

Despite all the benefits of real plants, faux plants are arguably a much, much better option. Comparing the two, there is a lot to be said about why artificial plants are better. Even if your preference is to go with something real, consider the alternative. Even gardeners can’t help but admit the advantages of faux plants.

Artificial Plants Have Mental Health Benefits

Real plants are often praised for being joyous, calm, and having mental health benefits. As is revealed in recent research, faux plants exhibit a lot of those same benefits. They can positively impact anxiety and depression, and can also contribute to greater productivity and concentration.

Artificial Plants Are Widely Adopted

Chances are, you may be seeing a ton of artificial plants every day and not even know it. In Europe, faux plants are seen everywhere from small business offices to shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, universities, airports, and more.

Artificial Plants Do Not Need Maintenance

Real plants need water, sunlight, soil, and temperature. Do you know what faux plants need – nothing. They can be put in the worst possible climate and still thrive. This provides a major advantage for anyone who doesn’t have the time, availability, or capacity to care for a full garden.

Artificial Plants Look the Same As Real Plants

If you’re worried about what looks real, you don’t have to worry about faux plants. Premium artificial plants are made often by hand, hand-painted and crafted to look like they’re real. Detailed almost down to a microscopic extent, the visual difference between real and fake is indistinguishable.

Artificial Plants Take Up Less Resources

Real plants can take a lot to grow. Artificial plants do not. They don’t take water, fertilizer, or anything else. This also means, over the course of their lifetime, an artificial plant will cost less compared to a real plant.

Artificial Plants Pretty Much Live Forever

As it turns out, the title of Oasis’ classic 1994 hit can apply to artificial plants. They don’t die. Decades down the road, you can check in on your faux plant and it’ll still be there looking absolutely fine.

Artificial Plants Are Cleaner

Real plants can attract all sorts of pests. Artificial plants do not. Real plants can also wilt, fade, or rot away more or less right in front of you. As you add water to the soil, you may see mould gradually grow. This will never happy with faux plants as they’re kept fully dry at all times. Hydration’s not needed whatsoever with fake plants.

No One Will Know You’re Using Artificial Plants

As if all that wasn’t enough, a major benefit of artificial plants v. real plants is that no one will recognize faux for faux. You can even fool a gardener. If you’re worried about criticism from neighbours or friends, they will never get close enough or be around you long enough to notice what you’ve got growing isn’t in fact growing at all.

Dozens of premium, realistic-looking faux plants in Europe exist. Enjoy a clean, serene look whenever you need it. If you’re not yet fully convinced of the benefits of artificial plants, drop by Artiplanto and browse the selection.

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