A ‘large artificial tree’ or a ‘large artificial plant’ relies on a size assessment based on personal opinion. For some, a large plant is around a metre in height. It can be set in a corner inside a freestanding planter, in a dining room or bedroom. Those are far from the tallest or largest faux plants available, with some palm trees, olive trees, and other varieties extending upwards by as much as three metres.


The beauty of a large premium artificial plant is that you do not need to go out of your way to keep it alive. Its aesthetic is consistent and reliable. If you want to show off your faux plant, you can. There are dozens of large plant possibilities, varying in color, shape, and price. Before you decide which one best suits your room, here are some of the best large houseplants in Europe, chosen by our customers at Artiplanto.eu.


Artificial Travellers Palm Tree Plant


An artificial travellers palm tree plant is one of the tallest faux trees and largest fake plants on the market. For those that have the space for it, its army of leafy greens will fill your room with lively excitement.


Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant


With an artificial Bird of Paradise plant, this is another massive plant that fits well in front of any floor-to-ceiling window and will thrive in any room.


Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant


The general look of an artificial fiddle leaf plant makes it extremely adaptable to different home décor aesthetics and placement anywhere. In its own planter, a fiddle leaf is quite the plant centerpiece.


Artificial Evergreen Plant


More popular in North America than Europe, artificial plants like the faux evergreen plant are different from what you might normally expect. In the right light, it’s another real classic.


Artificial Banana Tree Plant


The unique faux banana tree plant is a large tree that offers you a glimpse into what your home might look like if it was suddenly dropped into the middle of a tropical paradise. It’s quite the accompaniment to many home décor. 


Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant


When it comes to palm trees, the artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant may be the best there is. Fine for homes looking at tropical plants for fun, relaxation, and self-expression.


Artificial Korea Bamboo Plant


An artificial Korea bamboo plant is significantly different from a lot of the other plants on this list. Taken from Asian forests as opposed to South American and African, a bamboo plant has a decorative look sure to make an eye-catching impression.


Artificial Agave Plant


An artificial agave plant is the last of the large faux plants to make our list. The agave plant is a realistically styled plant with a very cohesive look sure to help balance a room no matter what may surround it.


These are some of our top picks for the best large artificial plant to buy online. What’s yours? Artiplanto.eu has the extended list! See dozens of faux plants up to three metres in height. Artiplanto.eu has planters as well! Have everything you need to set up the ultimate finished premium artificial plant look for your home.

Pedro Capitao de Salles