An artificial plant. It’s fake! Plant fans shake their head sometimes when the subject of faux greenery is brought up. After all, what would anyone want with a fake plant when real plants exist? Well, as it turns out, whether you call them fake plants, faux plants, artificial plants, or silk plants, they have a number of advantages that, frankly, a real plant doesn’t come close to matching.

They Don’t Need You

It’s always nice to be needed… unless you don’t have the time. For busy bodies, a real plant is too much to take care of day-in and day-out. If you enjoy traveling or routinely forget to water the plants you do have, moving to faux plants is a welcome alternative. You can leave a fake plant alone in perpetuity and it’s never going to fail you in looking its usual amazing self.

‘Faux’ Is More Reliable Than Real

If you want to buy plants for décor, faux is unquestionable more reliable than real plants. An artificial plant stays looking the same way in perpetuity. Assuming you occasionally inspect it for dust, there’s nothing more you really need to do for it. A real plant, after a few days, can start to look pretty haggard. Faux never does. It’s a far better option.

They Keep A Room Calm

Like their real counterparts, even faux plants have positive mental health benefits. They help maintain a sense of calm and focus, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and help establish a sort of concentrated Zen vibe in a room. All you need is one plant to start, if you aren’t inclined to having greenery inside the home.

You Can Change Their Shape

Another aspect of true beauty with faux plants is that you can change their shape by bending their branches into place. This means you can fit them comfortably into tight spaces or can reshape them into a different look every quarter or so to help keep the look of them looking refreshed. You aren’t waiting for fake greenery to grow into a specific shape and don’t need to trim them, either.

You Can Have The Plant You Want

Not all plants make for ideal houseplants. Depending on where you live, there’s a long list of greenery that will never survive indoors or outdoors if they’re real. If they’re faux, you can achieve the look you want for your home without the risk of spending money on something that’s likely to die rather quickly. No matter what plant aesthetic you want, if it’s available in artificial form, you’ve got a way to get it.

They’re Non-Toxic

Among the benefits of fake plants is that they’re non-toxic. If you have cats or dogs that could bite and chew on the leaves, or perhaps a curious toddler who may do the same, toxic plants cause serious illness and necessitate emergency medical attention. A faux plant though is completely non-toxic. It won’t cause the same panic as a real plant will if it’s accidentally ingested.

Just thinking about all of these reasons to buy a fake plant, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular among millennials and families across Europe. Shop your favourite premium artificial plants at today.
Andrew Lu