Truth be told, faux plants make for lovely home décor accents.

An artificial plant looks like a real plant, offering the charms of greenery with none of the problematic behaviour and troublesome needs that can necessitate hours of care over the course of months.

As a way to spruce up fake plants and take them to the next level, you might look to a combination of other home décor elements. Things like LED lights, glow-in-the-dark rocks, or targeted lighting coming from inside the planter, in-wall, or in-ceiling. Lighting can play a crucial role in highlighting the natural silhouette and detail of greenery.

Here are a few home décor possibilities for an artificial plants display with lights.

Home Décor LED Lights Are Easy

The easiest approach to faux plants and lights is to use some form of LEDs. They’re affordably priced and cheap to operate. They can add a real sense of whimsy and magic in the right context.

A simple set of LED string lights arguably works best. Let’s say, you have a small tabletop fake plant. You can set your plant up as a centerpiece on a dining room table or position it on top of a countertop with a kind amount of soft lights surrounding the planter. If it’s an artificial hanging plant or if you put yours in a hanging basket, this will open you up to having hanging lights. A display like this can get fairly advanced, admittedly.

For an artificial tree that is quite large, of course, you can still use LED string lights simply by ornamenting the branches.

Targeted or Directed Lighting

You have lots of ways to use targeted lighting, accent lighting, and direct lighting on fake greenery as well.

Lighting that comes up from the floor. In-wall lighting. In-ceiling lighting, such as pot lights. A targeted light can also come from a lamp or light fixture that is angled towards your artificial plant.

It is worth it to note that lighting during the day is not needed. This is why incorporating LEDs or lighting around your plants can give it an incomplete or cheap look during the day. If you don’t intend to remove your lighting during daytime hours, when factoring in how you create your presentation, take into account what the aesthetic will be during daytime.

Coloured Lighting V. Uncolored Lighting

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to colour of lighting. A lot of faux plants in commercial establishments tend to be put under coloured lights or different shades than what a person may use in their home.

When you start using coloured lighting and/or blending in coloured bulbs or filters, you are taking a risk of making your fake greenery look less than real. The more naturalistic the display is the recommendation, in most cases.

That said, if you want to create a presentation that isn’t based in realism, that’s certainly a possibility. In that case, more colour can be a major asset.

No matter what your approach to lighting fake plants is, visit today to find the artificial greenery to put into your display. See a plentiful amount faux plants that work well in all rooms of the home or office.
Andrew Lu