The bathroom is a tricky room to decorate. A room of function, so much of what’s in it is non-decorative. Furthermore, most peoples’ bathrooms are fairly small. They can hardly accommodate something the size of an artificial Bird of Paradise tree.

In the bathroom, we have to think small, colourful, and graceful.

Where to Put Bathroom Faux Plants

The best faux plants for bathrooms vary according to preference. Here are a few common locations to put a fake plant.

  • The kitchen countertop might be overly busy already but if you can declutter it a bit, artificial plants look wonderful here.
  • Freestanding fake plants are a fine option although be careful about moisture getting inside the planter. If they are too close to the bathtub, you can experience this issue.
  • Any shelving or over-the-toilet shelves are another quiet spot to nestle in a small faux tabletop plant.
  • If you really do not have the space for artificial plants in your bathroom, a couple of hanging plants can be set up in baskets or hanging planters. Some of the faux greenery with vines can be styled in some fairly interesting ways, especially when positioned on a high shelf.

Create A Spa

There are lots of artificial plants for spas that can be adapted to your bathroom to make it feel exactly like a relaxing escape. Leafy palm trees and palm plants, artificial succulents and sansevieria plants, and faux fern plants are all glorious additions for this.

Try Around the Bathtub

You can bend and shape fake plants to the shape you want. This allows you to put an artificial plant around your bathtub and shape it so that all branches and leaves are fully out of the way. This approach can also be taken around your toilet or if there’s any corner that feels a little lacklustre, it’s one solution.

Opt For Small

You never want your fake plant in a bathroom to be in the way. No one wants to be stumbling around in the middle of the night and fall over their plant. This is why small faux plants, like succulents and even a small palm, can be advantageous and enhance your overall bathroom aesthetic without necessitating a change to your floor plan and existing décor arrangement.

Empty Corners

A dark, empty corner of the bathroom can be spruced up in a big way with an artificial plant. Although few bathrooms have the available space, if you’ve recently done a bathroom renovation, you may have an area not yet occupied. Fill it with an artificial plant.

What Are the Best Artificial Plants?

  • An artificial Bird of Paradise is perfect for the bathroom. For most people and décor aesthetics, the Bird of Paradise will adapt well.
  • A faux fiddle leaf fig plant passes the visual inspection for detail and realism, and is an essential plant to consider for your bathroom décor.
  • A fake olive tree plant can transform a bathroom, creating a more relaxing, interesting space simply by having it there.
  • A faux sansevieria plant is small enough to be set up on any counter or shelf and is a bit different compared to the usual greenery you might find.
  • An artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree gives you the chance to create a sanctuary with beautiful greens and natural tones.
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Andrew Lu