Faux plants are in high demand in 2021. Fiddle leaf plants are at the top of the list of the most popular artificial plants. Why is for many reasons. A long-common houseplant, the fiddle leaf comes beautifully detailed from premium brands like Artiplanto.

Here is a little more into why fiddle leaf fig trees are making such waves amongst fans of artificial plants.

Low Maintenance

A faux fiddle leaf tree doesn’t need any daily maintenance. There’s no watering. No feed. The climate and temperature it’s in don’t matter. Being an artificial plant, it can be put anywhere without seeing it dry up, wilt, or die.

You Don’t Need A Green Thumb

Some of us struggle to keep plants alive. We don’t have the skill or we don’t have the time. Fortunately, even without a green thumb, you can still keep the best artificial fiddle leaf trees vibrant and shimmering in their greenery.

Adjust Its Shape

A beautifully-detailed artificial plant like the fiddle leaf can be shaped how you like it. Whether your plant is by an entranceway, in the corner of a room, outside on your deck, or somewhere else, adjust the shape and bend it into place how you like it.


A faux fiddle leaf plant is easily adapted to different home and office décor themes. It is a very simple look that can be used in any room and almost any environment. A fiddle leaf plant is not often a centerpiece plant. Instead, the faux plant takes a supporting role in décor and does so exceptionally well.


If you’re unfamiliar with faux plants, you may avoid them thinking they don’t fit the aesthetics. Plastic plants bought for your local shop look cheap because they are cheap. From premium design teams at the best artificial plant brands in the world, you’re getting the most realistic-looking detail in every leaf.

True-to-Life Detail

The realism of a fiddle leaf plant is even more impressive up close. From the life-life leaves to the way it is painted, these faux plants don’t have that plastic sheen on cheaper greenery. Handcrafted and hand-painted, artificial plants like the fiddle leaf are compared to the real thing.

High-Quality Materials

When you buy fiddle leaf plants online from a trusted brand a la Artiplanto, rest assured the material and build are smart, durable, and long-lasting. Some fake plants are made from a combination of bendable plastics and silk. Others are crafted from silk on metal wire. A premium price gets you a premium product.

Variety of Looks to Choose From

Unlike other artificial plants, fiddle leaf fig plants come in a variety of looks. They can be a small tabletop plant fitted to a home office desk or as big as a tree. There are fiddle leaf plants with lushness as well as those where the leaves are a little sparser.

Artiplanto has a knack for producing high-quality, realistic faux plants like the fiddle leaf fig tree and others. Add instant charm to your space with an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree plant put against the wall. Shop faux plants in Europe today at Artiplanto.
andrew lu