Pets are friendly, fun, and great companions. So can plants be. Unfortunately, they don’t always mix.

Some plants are toxic to puppies and kittens. To you, a plant might be bright, full of life, and beautifully green. To a pet, it’s not so much. Here are the best non-toxic plants for pets. Keep all dogs, cats, and other pets safe and protected.

Banana Tree

Banana trees are large in size, decorated with banana-shaped leaves, and are an excellent houseplant. A real banana plant requires a lot of water and bright light to grow, in addition to a planter that’s large enough to accommodate this growth.

Calathea Plant

A calathea plant is striking. The patterned leaves, colourful undersides, and tropical details are relatively safe to be around cats and dogs. This is an ideal plant for low-light. Too much light deteriorates the leaves.

Palm Tree

A wide variety of palm trees are safe for pets. They grow tall, happy, and are non-toxic. An alternative is an artificial palm tree, making it easier to grow in unfamiliar non-tropical environments.

Sansevieria Plant

The sansevieria plant, or snake plant, is an interesting addition to your home décor. A succulent like this is easy to care for, requiring very little watering and sunlight although you certainly want to provide it some.

Cactus Plant

A cactus plant and other succulents are must-have pet-safe plants. The fact that you can keep them off the ground and on tabletops puts them out of reach of dogs and your cats shouldn’t bother them. Any succulent needs a little watering when the soil gets dry and bright light.

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is pet-safe, can be positioned as a hanging plant or tabletop plant, and comes in both artificial and real varieties. Should you buy an artificial plant, you navigate around the requirements that come with trying to keep a plant alive.

Spider Plant

A spider plant is non-toxic to pets and is a go-to if you’re searching for a hanging plant. Spider plants are very adaptable, able to survive in all sorts of conditions including changing light, moisture, and soil.

Watermelon Stilt Plant

A watermelon stilt plant is a plant of much detail, sweet and warm. A very popular houseplant, watermelon stilt plants prefer indirect sunlight, a moderate amount of water, and will fill your household with various shades of green.

Should I Buy Artificial Plants?

If you’re invested in a certain look or desperately want a specific plant that’s toxic to your household companions, try to find the same in artificial materials instead. You have many opportunities in the faux plant market to craft real, true-to-life gardens complete with all types of greenery.

Add a little bit of dazzle without worrying about toxicity. Premium-grade artificial plants are non-toxic although this isn’t the case inherently for cheaper varieties.

Buy quality plants made from durable materials. Find the best in artificial plants in Europe from Artiplanto. Stylize your home the way you want it while prioritizing the health of your pets. No greenery is off-limits when it comes to faux plants.
andrew lu