The workplace is not somewhere you want to set up lots of home décor and unnecessary distractions. When it comes to office plants, there’s a reason a category of décor exists by that name.


You can make your workspace greener, more productive, and feel less anxious with fake plants. When we’re surrounded by the appearance of greenery, even when it’s artificial, you get the feeling of living in nature. When we’re in nature, our anxiety comes down. Most people get calm and they get more focused. Studies have shown that productivity increases when plants are included in the room.


Why Office Plants Are A Good Thing


  • The vibe of a plant is warm and welcoming. An artificial office plant makes a space look and feel more pleasant. It won’t be in the way or distracting.


  • Improve focus and concentration. A little greenery has been shown to increase attention span and improve cognitive performance. At the workplace, anything you do to help maintain focus for employees is a good thing. That’s also why you see work-from-home artificial plants getting more traction.


  • Boost mood and productivity. Plants and nature affect each one of us in different ways. To most people, plants help boost mood. In fact, studies show how plants elevate positive emotions, such as happiness and satisfaction, in turn resulting in better productivity.


  • Reduce stress levels. Find a sense of calm when you have plants around. The soft color of artificial plants will soothe the nervous system, de-stress the body, and reduce the body’s cortisol levels, i.e. stress hormones.


Which Faux Plant Will You Buy?


There are no rules as far as what office plant is best. Lots of artificial plants you can find at and they’re all realistic, premium-made, and handcrafted. You can find artificial trees extending up to three metres high down to tabletop plants perfect for an office table or corner space. Try to find a plant that suits your office’s vibe and personality, and one that complements your office’s layout.


As you will find with any faux plant, they’re low-maintenance, don’t need to be repotted or watered, and are safe from pests and diseases. In that respect, any premium fake plant from is the same as the next.


Why Not Buy A Real Office Plant?


You can go and buy an office plant that is real, however, there are some disadvantages to a real plant. Real plants are time-consuming, needing to be watered and sometimes rotated to get enough light. You need to make sure you have the right planter for the size of the plant and with drainage so that it is not overwatered. There are care instructions for every plant. A plant’s appearance can also be hard to satisfy and when it’s not looking so grand, it can be a little discouraging to walk into the office and see.


Compare that to a faux plant. You get a touch of nature that boosts your mood, requiring no regular care, and when those artificial plants come from, they have the realistic detail you want.


Shop premium faux plants at today. Find the best in office plants and supply your office with the greenery it needs to remain creative, productive, and without all the real plant responsibilities you don’t want.

Pedro Capitao de Salles