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Faux Olive Tree Plant


Fit your faux olive tree plant into the corner of your room or against an accent wall. A plant like this adds a little something that’ll instantly get you the vibe you want.


Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant


A faux fiddle leaf plant from looks incredibly real and is great for indoor use. Any space will feel fresh and natural with a detailed artificial plant settled in the mix.


Faux Monstera Plant


A faux Monstera plant is ideal for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb but wants some greenery around their property. You can find real Monsteras all over the place but an artificial Monstera will last forever.


Faux Korea Bamboo Plant


Brighten up your space with a faux Korea bamboo plant. It’ll add a refreshing colour and is the perfect airy accent.


Faux Areca Palm Tree Plant


If you’re unsure what artificial plant to buy, try a faux Areca palm tree plant. Lots of individuals adore the airy, light feel of the palm, bringing a little bit of summer and the tropics indoors no matter where you are on the continent.


Faux Ficus Tree Plant


There’s a faux plant out there for everyone and, for some, the artificial ficus tree plant is theirs. Instead of shopping for fake plants on Amazon or elsewhere, you will get a much better deal through


Faux Sansevieria Plant


A faux sansevieria plant is one of the best faux succulents you can buy although it’s not your traditional succulent. That aside, the hand-painted detail in every leaf is something to behold, perfect for every room in the house.


Faux Banana Tree Plant


A realistic-looking faux plant is not hard to come by at and this artificial banana tree plant is one of our favourites. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good-looking plant for your property.


Faux Bird of Paradise Plant


A faux Bird of Paradise plant may be just the touch of nature you need for your home. We absolutely love the Bird of Paradise. It can be shaped however you like and set in front of the sun for the finish.


Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant


This is one of the best artificial palm trees in Europe. The realistically-detailed and coloured faux Hawaii Kwai palm tree is made from high-quality materials and is perfect for a modern planter where it can really show off its lifelike qualities.


Faux Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant


A faux spathiphyllum leaf plant is another gorgeous fake plant on sale in Europe right now. Enjoy the beauty of nature without any of the responsibility.


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