Lots of thoughts might cross one’s mind when shopping to buy a faux plant. The size of the plant. The aura it creates. The price factors in as well. When you invest in a premium artificial plant, it should be right for your personality and your space.


Size And Height


You see several different heights artificial plants can be purchased at, from tabletop to three metres high. 


If you want a towering behemoth of a faux plant, there are palm trees, olive trees, Bird of Paradise plants, and more. If you want something small and self-contained, a small cactus plant or succulent works. There are no limits on size with a faux plant, with the advantage being that an artificial plant never grows.


For size, measure the space you are filling with a fake plant. You don’t want to buy blind. Know what you’re working with.


Do keep in mind that with any faux plant, it can be reshaped and bent into various forms with ease. When you first take the plant out of the box, it will need to be bent into shape. Whenever you need, you can rotate the plant and reshape it according to how you like but the height’s always the same.


Aesthetic And Aura


Aura is everything with an artificial plant. The aesthetic you want – whether it’s laid back tropical or urban paradise – it can be found. Because it’s non-organic, you don’t need to worry about what type of plant it is and keeping it alive. The look you buy is the look you get and it’s easily maintained.


A lot of people love larger styles of artificial plants – the sort that have a striking silhouette, deep green leaves, and exquisite detail that comes only from hand-painted attention. The key to selecting plants according to their aesthetic is to stick with a theme. You don’t want too many different plants that will conflict with one another, i.e. mixing tropical plants with leafy North American-influenced greenery.


Further enhance the look of your artificial plant with a planter of your choosing. A modern, mid-century, or minimalist planter tends to work best as they don’t distract from the charm of the greenery.


You don’t even need to worry about a plant toxic to pets or children. All faux plants are non-toxic.


How Much To Spend


Cost factors in. High-quality artificial plants are not cheap. There are many faux plants that, fortunately, are on sale at any given time. Artiplanto.eu is known for the best in premium faux plants and offering them at the best prices. You can get some excellent discounts up to 40% on some.


Keep in mind that artificial plants are going to be around for a long time. They’re like any home décor. They’re often hand-painted, with a certain quality artistry and craftsmanship, and their price tends to correspond to quality. Buying a cheap fake plant for your local store doesn’t compare with a high-quality, premium-grade faux plant from a specialty brand like Artiplanto.eu.


Invest in the right plants for every room in the house. Think of the joy an artificial plant will bring to your home. They’ll last a lifetime and more. Artificial plants from Artiplanto.eu are the best in the world.

Pedro Capitao de Salles