Even in a flat with very little available square footage for décor, if you have space for a shelf, you’ve got the area for a faux plant. Elevate your style with naturally detailed, realistic artificial plants cushioned in amongst your flat’s décor.


When you buy premium artificial plants online, the pop of color and texture will add something different to the room. As these plants are non-organic, you also don’t need to calculate plant requirements like sunlight, watering, type of soil, and other minor inconveniences. It’s a win-win.


Here is how anyone can style a home décor faux plant shelf in their flat. See this flourishing greenery in its best light.


Keep Your Faux Plants Visible


Make sure your artificial plants aren’t cluttered or hidden from view. Faux plants have a positive effect on things like anxiety symptoms and focus. This is why they’re often used in work-from-home offices. To enjoy this effect, however, an artificial plant must be visible.


Duplicate Realistic Plant Conditions


Fake plants will thrive anywhere but to properly style them, ensure they are set on a shelf that’s relatively realistic to the conditions a plant could survive in. The more natural light that shines on them, the more natural your faux greenery will feel.


Ensure Your Plants Look Cohesive


Make your realistic faux plants look purposeful. Don’t simply mismatch pots, plants, and décor. Define a theme in color and texture. Try to stick with it as you decorate your shelf. Another way to add cohesiveness is to use the same style planters if you have multiple fake plants on the shelf.


Consider Multiple Shelves


For a bit of a different effect, add multiple shelves either to a single wall or a corresponding wall. Shelves one on top of the other or styled in a specific pattern can create a shape or unique divisions wherein artificial plants and other décor can naturally sit.


Don’t Just Make It About Plants


While faux plants look gorgeous in their own minimalist planters, when you display them with other décor, this is when you can really make them stand out. Some bold, colorful artwork. Sculptural pieces. Books. Knick-knacks. Surround your artificial plants with complimentary home décor choices.


Don’t Shape Your Plant Perfectly


Nature has a little bit of chaos in it. With premium faux plants, you can shape them with the wire inside the design. Be sure to not make them look too perfect or symmetrical. Spread out stems, create some minor imperfections in the shape, and step back and have a look at the result. Shaping a plant may take one or two tries to get right.


Opt For Minimalism In Its Presentation


Modern-minimalism is the top décor choice in flats across Europe. This means you use less in décor to ensure that what you do have has maximum impact. Across a shelf, try to space out your artificial plants from other décor. Give everything its own showcase. Vary your décor in color, texture, and pattern.


Find stylish home décor faux plants at Artiplanto.eu and create the ultimate shelf display in your flat. Use realistic, naturally-textured artificial greenery to lift the mood and use your available vertical space in creative, interesting ways. Start your journey at Artiplanto.eu.

Pedro Capitao de Salles