As the summer has come in full force in the last few weeks, we’re starting to see some trendy artificial plants uses that we didn’t expect. Some very creative ways to make faux plants stand out. Unfortunately, we’re also noticing some classic garden don’ts and fake plant do nots that should be entirely avoided if you’re thinking about re-arranging your plants this season.


Here are some of the best artificial plant trends you can capitalize on as well as some to avoid.


Best: Encouraging Wildlife


If you have some artificial plants set up in your backyard or outside on your property, some homeowners are encouraging wildlife to visit by setting up bird feeders and bird baths, hedgehog homes, bumblebee nest boxes, and even wild bunny homes.


This is a great habit to add some liveliness into your yard and make your faux plants look real.


Worst: Garden Gnomes


Though it’s up to the person, we’ve got to say, garden gnomes around artificial plants won’t emphasize your greenery and won’t win you any points.


Best: Wild Style


Faux plants look even more real when they’re a little wild. You can form them how you like in a planter but when you set up a premium artificial plant, don’t hesitate to make it look a little imperfect.


You may even want to add some wood chips to the planter or come up with a delightfully disorganized way to intentionally present your faux plant.


Worst: Artificial Grass


Artificial grass, as in rugs of artificial grass, do not look real. They give an immediate artificial turf vibe and are hard to look away. If your faux plants didn’t look fake before, they will when on artificial turf grass.


Best: Water Features


The movement of water is something to behold when it’s done well. A weaving water feature or waterfall decor is one of the most popular ways to turn an everyday artificial plant setup into something luxurious.


Worst: Plastic Ornaments


Try to keep plastics far, far away from premium artificial plants. They have a way of bringing out the worst of a fake plant.


If you want to decorate a faux plant, consider high-quality items, materials like glass and stone, and if you go the way of a statue, opt for a smaller one. Your fake greenery should be front and center in its presentation, rather than a statue.


Best: Artificial Topiary Plants


When you aren’t sure what to do with your landscaping or a large gathering space indoors, investing in artificial boxwood topiary plants and topiary arrangements don’t require a lot to set up. They enter in some creative summer-ready shapes, look authentically real, and don’t require any upkeep.


Worst: Recycled Tires


Tires are an all-around bad idea in a backyard or anywhere near a plant, real of faux. They will gather water, bring in mosquitoes, and attract heat to the yard. Tires are not a strong garden décor idea.


You want to keep your faux plants temperate and comfortable. There are a lot of other ways to infuse your artificial plants with rustic and vintage charm, including repurposing and recycling old wood, stone, metals, and materials.


These are some of the top trends in 2022, good and bad. In that, there are so many excellent faux plants to choose from to put in your home this summer. When planning out their décor though, always work to make your premium fake plant look as real as possible. Shop the best faux plants in 2022 at

Pedro Capitao de Salles