Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition. The art of feng shui is about balance and energy, creating zen and happy spaces throughout your home.


Faux plants and feng shui, for a long time, have not gone together well. The older plants in this category have been cheaply produced and were made out of cheap plastics. In the past decade, however, with the rise of premium artificial plants and skilled fake plant design teams, there is now a way to create a feng shui space using faux greenery.


Why Feng Shui


Feng shui dictates where to place certain home décor and furniture. It’s about working with materials, shapes, and items that influence energy to create a balanced home and that feels good to you.


Much of feng shui works with five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.


  • For wood, a bamboo planter for your faux plant is a recommended choice. For your shelving indoors, wood can be a warm choice. Filling an artificial plant planter with chopped up wood chips or a layer of mulch is also nice.


  • With fire, you have limited ways to use it indoors. You want to keep your fake plants far away from any fire, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t blend in candles or use Edison bulb string lights somewhere in your home décor design.


  • For earth, you want to look for terrestrial touches to set around your feng shui faux plants. Décor made from stones is a start.


  • For metal, it’s best to avoid the material if it’s going to feel too forced. However, keep metal in mind when browsing for different things. Reflective metal around a plant can create illusions of more greenery and will work similar to a mirror.


  • Water helps to create a sense of calm. A small water feature is all you need. Be sure to avoid having any part of your fake plant in the water, however, do be aware of the relationship between plant and water.


Where To Position Faux Plants In Feng Shui


Experiment with the best, most natural placement of fake plants. Be sure that your faux plant is shaped in a realistic way and resembles a healthy, lively real plant. This will create harmonious décor and leave you with excellent feng shui. You don’t want it to be somewhere too busy. A simple, somewhat minimalist place to put a fake plant is best. In feng shui, everything serves a purpose.


There are good and bad feng shui plants as well. Anything spiky or pointy is seen as a bad feng shui plant. For good feng shui plants, search for a plant that has a strong presence. A philodendron, Areca palm tree, fern plants, and similar greneery can create positive energy that freely flows throughout the home. All in all, try to search for a plant that not only appeals to you but that makes you feel something positive.


Faux plants in feng shui can be tricky. Always have a plant that looks real and has the detail you deserve. These aren’t cheap plants. For the best feng shui, buy premium fake plants from Artiplanto.com and set them up as realistic as can be.

Pedro Capitao de Salles