Dezi Artificial Snake Sansevieria Dark Green Potted Plant 21 inches (55cm)

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An artificial snake sansevieria dark green plant extends vertically, dancing upwards with grace, colour, and uniqueness. Certainly a favourite of the faux plant community, your artificial snake plant stays pretty and fresh year-round with no intervention needed. It’s so real-looking, even local botanists won’t be able to tell it’s faux!

  • Created with fine, realistic-looking faux plant materials
  • Height -  21 inches (55cm)
  • Diameter -  9.8 inches (26cm) 
  • Perfect for indoors, offices, retail stores, or to mix in with an existing garden
  • Silk-screened, cut and painted by hand to mimic the finest details of the real thing
  • Organic sansevieria dark green-style with none of the fuss
  • No maintenance required

Check out this faux sansevieria snake plant at ArtiPlanto today. Complete the look to your décor style with high-quality artificial botanicals from top designers across the country.

What is a sansevieria?

Sansevieria trifasciata is the species name for what is otherwise called a snake plant or ‘mother-in-law’s tongue. It is one of the top 3 most popular houseplants of all-time, very architectural in design. The only downside to the real thing is that they inevitably begin to lose life and slowly degrade into a dead plant.

Why an artificial sansevieria is better than the real thing?

Your faux artificial snake plant will never die or fade. It’s the ultimate way to add a lifelike touch of nature to your space without the need to monitor its health. It’s easy, simple, and indistinguishable from the real plant.

Snake plants like the sansevieria are a major home décor trend. Why?

Interior designers and home décor experts love sansevieria and snake plants because they’re different. They don’t look like your average faux plant. Especially with premium-crafted faux sansevieria like you will find at ArtiPlanto, they add a lot visually to a room. 

Compatible Planter sizes:

21 inches - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

    Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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