Mona Artificial Monstera Potted Plant 3.8 ft (110cm)

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The artificial monstera artificial plant grows up and out, packing a visual punch that suits handwoven baskets or planters. Monsteras are an iconic plant in home décor. A lot of homeowners love these for the tropical warmth vibes and glossy true-to-life leaves and stems. Everything’s in the details. When you get up and close with this faux plant, it’s sure to be love at first sight.

  • Height – 3.8ft (110cm)
  • Diameter – 34.4 inches (85cm)
  • Fit to your basket or planter with ease
  • Lush, realistic-looking leaves will add beauty to any living space
  • Soft silk material comfortable to the touch and extensively detailed
  • No upkeep needed

Fit your monstera artificial potted plant from ArtiPlanto into your interior design and create the ultimate vision you’ve always had for the place. For vibrant faux plants like this monstera, shop them from North America’s top premium designers at ArtiPlanto.

Why are artificial monsteras such a great year-round plant?

The beauty of an artificial plant is you get to enjoy them at their best regardless of the season or temperature. Faux monsteras potted plants suit a number of themes – tropical, safari, jungle, beach, Hawaiian party, birthdays, weddings, and just for general around-the-house use.

Are artificial monsteras and other faux plants toxic?

ArtiPlanto faux monster potted plants are non-toxic, waterproof, durable, reusable, and do not emit any sort of smell. They are all-around safe for your health and any pets you may have – a welcome alternative to a lot of indoor plants that are toxic.

How can I make faux monsteras look more real?

Buying from ArtiPlanto, you’re already getting a premium-designed faux monster potted plan. They don’t get more realistic-looking than ArtiPlanto. Quality matters. However, to make monsteras appear even more authentic, you may put them in a sunlight location, match a monstera with a cute pot or planter, and ensure your faux plants are kept clean and dust-free.

Compatible Planter sizes:

45 inches - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

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