Osos Artificial Korea Bamboo Potted Plant 5 ft (155cm)

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A gentle sight to behold, the ultimate artificial Korea bamboo potted plant offers faux greenery where or when real plants aren’t your thing. Accent your space with a maintenance-free adorable faux bamboo plant. Less is more. This Korea bamboo potted plant fits neatly into any condo, home, office, or indoor garden with ease.

  • Height –  5 ft (155cm)
  • Diameter - 2.1ft (65cm) 
  • True-to-life detail using the finest materials in a premium design
  • Looks just like the real thing except it will never wilt, fade, or damage
  • Adjust the shape to your liking through an internal wire framework
  • No pruning or watering is involved, perfect for anyone with a busy schedule
  • No upkeep needed

ArtiPlanto has consistently delivered the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America, including this simple and stylish bamboo potted plant ready to place by your hand.

What does bamboo represent?

Bamboo is a symbol of strength honesty and love. Culturally, bamboo has a lot of meaning. Through an artificial bamboo plant, you bring health and happiness into your life with the commitment of care. Have your space overflowing with greenery – if you desire! – and enjoy everything without having to monitor its health.

Where is the best place to put my artificial bamboo plant?

Faux bamboo plants are used everywhere these days from home décor and interior design spaces to weddings, in hotels, to accentuate real-life gardens, in offices, and in bedrooms. Decorate your room the way you want with a look that’s as fresh as it is romantic.

Can I put my faux bamboo plant outside?

Why yes of course! Faux bamboo plants from ArtiPlanto are sought for all sorts of outdoor occasions. Keep them on your outdoor decking, place them in your garden, or use them for outdoor weddings, parties, along with fencing, on stairs, etc. It all falls on you and your creativity on what you can do with your artificial bamboo plant.

Compatible Planter sizes:

5ft - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15 CM)

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