Rafa- Water Hyacinth Natural Round Floor Planter

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A netted water hyacinth planter to brighten up the room! A top name in our Natural Planter Collection, this planter is made from sustainably grown materials, brings warmth to any space, and is lovingly and uniquely made by skilled artisans all over the world.

  • Height – 11 inches (28cm) to 16 inches (41cm)
  • Opening - 9 inches (22.5cm) to 12.5 inches (31.5cm)
  • A practical way to store your faux plants in style
  • Made from natural, sustainably-cultivated water hyacinth
  • Beautifully handmade by skilled artisans and designed by décor experts
  • Warm colours in the natural fibres offer an attractive home décor accent
  • Pairs perfectly with any artificial plants

Browse this and other handmade all-natural planters in the ArtiPlanto collection. Made from materials like bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, and hardwood, order yours today.

Should A Planter Have A Liner?

A liner has several benefits to a planter. A porous landscape fabric retains the dirt while allowing water to freely run out the bottom seams of a water hyacinth planter. This helps to minimize the contact from wetness to the material.

Should There Be Holes in A Planter?

Holes in a planter are for drainage. The holes give excess water an escape route, preventing gathering moisture in the soil. The ArtiPlanto water hyacinth planter is made specifically for faux plants which avoids all the issues that come with planter drainage. No watering is needed.

How Can I Make A Water Hyacinth Planter More Interesting?

To give your water hyacinth planter even more of a touch of real, add to it rocks and moss. A renewable resource, water hyacinth is a great material to mix in with your artificial plants and create a home décor aesthetic with.

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