Tito Artificial Cactus Potted Plant 41''

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The beautifully prickly artificial cactus potted plant explodes with natural-looking charm. Bring a little of the desert back home with you. At 41 inches tall, extensive detail was paid to designing the cactus. The lightening of the tone towards the middle of the plant duplicates the same phenomenon from the desert. Placed in a concrete planter with elegant white river rocks, this artificial cactus potted plant certainly makes an impression.

  • Height: 41 inches (105cm)
  • Diameter: 35.4 inches (30cm)
  • True-to-life darker green leaves lightened in the middle
  • Pliable needles that are safe to touch for all ages
  • Re-shape for the look you want
  • Handmade

Catch the spirit of the Wild West with the Tito Artificial Cactus from ArtiPlanto. Leave it in its high-quality concrete planter or pair it with another of your choice. You’ll love having the Tito to keep you company year-round.

Are they safe for pets?

The Tito artificial cactus plant was designed with safety in mind. Rest assured that the cactus isn’t as prickly as it looks. Up close, you’ll find the needles are pliable. For small children and curious pets, there’s no risk of them getting hurt by rubbing into or touching one of our faux cacti.

What pairs well with a cactus plant?

A faux cactus plant is built around the desert aesthetic. When we bring it indoors, we want to ideally pair it with similar colors and feels. The concrete planter that comes with the cactus plant suits this purpose.

What can I expect with my artificial cactus plant?

ArtiPlanto’s artificial cactus plants are highly realistic replicas of the real sun-loving thing. Unlike their counterparts from the desert which require maintenance, a faux plant captures a cactus looking its most vibrant. It’s a moment in time you can have forever!

Compatible Planter sizes:

41 inches- Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country.

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